Launched in 2015, Niamh Serena was set up as an outlet for a fashion fanatic, magazine addict and aspiring fashion journalist, Niamh Crawford-Walker (me).

Third person aside, here on my blog, you will mostly find me rambling about fashion, giving you the rundown on all of the latest fashion trends as well as giving you a few styling tips and suggestions in my outfit posts. Being 20 with a verging on serious shopping addiction, I’m all for a bargain so if you love designer clothes but can’t quite afford them just yet, check out my posts on dupes for some of the most lusted after designer items.

If you’re the ambitious/curious/nosey type like me and you love all things career related, hoping to get the inside scoop on how to make it in your industry, you’ll feel right at home in the newly launched, career section of Niamh Serena. Within this section you will find interviews from top players across a range of industries along with a few tips and tricks to help you on your career journey.


By no means am I an expert in fashion or on any other topic that I write about on this blog. As I am currently attempting to intern my way into the fashion industry and with a dream of pursuing a career in fashion journalism, creating content for this blog has become an outlet of my passion for both fashion and writing and I hope that in the process, has proved useful to you in someway.

If you would like to get in touch with regards to working together or if you would like to have yourself or your business featured in an interview on Niamh Serena, please contact me at: niamhserenablog@gmail.com

Additionally if you have any queries regarding Niamh Serena you can contact me at the above address. 

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