#5: Nicki Hoyne of My Shining Armour – The Importance of Being Solution Driven, Tackling The Online Retail Industry and How To Be Unapologetically Yourself

This week I’m joined by founder of online accessories brand My Shining Armour, Nicki Hoyne. With an unmissable online presence, a knack for social media and and amazing eye for detail, Nicki is someone whose story I’ve followed for a long time (check out a post from way back I featured her in here) and have spent many a time fan-girling over. She’s worked for global beauty company, COTY, worked activation events for big brands like Nintendo and even done a TEDx Talk, not to mention her journey as an entrepreneur that’s seen her on the pages of Vogue and Cosmo. 

In this episode we talk about the importance of understanding your brand, the attraction to life as a digital nomad and the trials and tribulations of running your own business. 

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