These images got me thinking about strength. 

Physical strength. 

Inner strength. 



Physically, I’m definitely not the strongest of the bunch (yet) but despite that 5ft, petite build, I know I’m capable of so much more than I’m given credit for. Confrontation isn’t my strong point but in terms of resilience? Now, that I’ve got a little more of a handle on. 

Resilience isn’t about being aggressive. It’s about picking yourself back up again. It’s perseverance when things feel worse than ever. It’s a muscle we exercise every day, building it up for when we need it most, surrounding ourselves with the right people, making decisions to protect our happiness and adapting certain beliefs and values to mirror humility. 

I’m tremendously proud and consistently impressed by the strength and resiliency that those around me possess and that you, reading this, possess. The things you’ve all individually gone through and the pain you’ve suffered and persevered with compares to that of no one else. I know many of you have experienced the unimaginable and I know that it’s been harder and still is harder than anyone will ever know but you’re one of the bravest, strongest, most incredible people I’ve ever had the privilege of knowing. Please never forget that. 

Stay hopeful. 

Don’t lose faith in a society that gives us every reason to. 

Keep fighting. 

Remain strong. 

Your struggles don’t define you. 

Look One

Top – similar here
Metallic Bralet – Topshop
High Waisted Knicker Set – Boohoo 
Shoes – ASOS

Look Two

Silver Parka – Ivy Park at Topshop
High Waisted Training Shorts – Adidas at ASOS
Sports Bra – Nike (similar here)
Shoes – As Before

Look Three

Black Hooded Sweatshirt – Ivy Park at Topshop
High Waited Knicker Set – As Before
Shoes – As Before

Photos by Sarah Ellis of Here’s To: Photography
Check out her full (and fabulous) portfolio here.

Hair by Matthew Thomas McIlveen
Make up by Joy Ellis

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