The Best Resources You Need To Know To Keep Up To Speed With The Fashion World

The fashion world moves quickly, veeeerrrrry quickly. Never has “blink and you might miss it” been such an accurate phrase. Seasons come and go, collections are shown, campaigns torn to shreds and the reshuffling of creative directors puts musical chairs to shame. Fashion weeks pass us by, season after season, a new location each week all in the space of one month.  It’s a lot to take in. Keeping up with all of the news, trends, scandals and street style is next to impossible. Playing catch up with the fashion world is certainly overwhelming.

Let’s take Fashion Week as an example. It’s an incredibly overwhelming and hectic time in the industry. It’s chaotic but beautiful and the excitement trickling down from the media is undeniably infectious – as is the fast paced, highly stressful environment associated with fashion week. As consumers, we get wrapped up in the Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat culture that’s made fashion week so accessible to the rest of the world and suddenly we’re consuming ten times the amount of content that we normally would. But less of the pity party. All we have to do is a little double tapping, reposting and if we’re feeling generous, skim reading the latest articles all before logging off for the day, checking in again from the comfort of our beds as we lose ourselves in another Instagram hole later that night. But what about those who have to actually create the content we consume so readily? Those that have lost out on sleep while writing up that last minute trend report. Those that skipped meals to attend fittings, shows, presentations and after parties in order to play keeping up appearances on behalf of their publication and to ensure that they don’t miss a moment so as they can capture the best possible content for us – their followers and consumers. Not to mention those that work tirelessly behind the scened to bring the various different shows to life in the first place. For the most part, a lot of this is done alongside their full time jobs. Suddenly, our time feels all the more valuable. 

See, there’s a lot more to fashion week and, the fashion industry in general, than meets the eye and it’s all the more reason to make an effort to keep up to speed with the best articles and latest news. However, with the mass amount of content to consume it can be difficult to know where to start so I’ve rounded up a few of my favourite fashion websites and resources that help me to stay in the know with the fashion world.

Let’s start with the most obvious. If you’re looking for content you can flick through as quickly as the kettle boils, head straight for their galleries. When it comes to Fashion Week they have all of the shows listed in chronological order, listing which designer showed where, highlights from the presentation, an A-Z list of designers and a full gallery of every look shown. Within their Vogue Daily section you can scan the latest headlines so that next time your oh so fashionable friend asks “Did you hear about what happened at the McQueen show?” you’ll at least have a vague (or Vogue) idea of what they’re talking about.

This is your go-to resource for concise and easy to understand show reports. It’s easy for us fashion lovers to get caught up in the pretension surrounding the industry particularly when it comes to using fashion jargon that no one else understands (a lot of the time we don’t even understand it ourselves). Fashionista articles keep things real and down to earth. They give the explanation you need surrounding particular trends without the necessary fluff while still keeping the storytelling element of fashion journalism very much alive. Plus, their career profiles of both long-time icons and up and coming figures in the media are great for career advice and providing guidance for those of us that wish to pursue a career within fashion. Listening to how they discuss fashion news and trends via their podcast (4pm at Fashionista) is also a great way to keep up with the fashion industry on the go while their weekly “ICYMI” email helps to highlight the need-to-know articles from the week. 

The Cut

The Cut is where to go for more “newsy” features. The recent argument about street style photographers lacking diversity in their shots was born out of an opinion piece by a writer from The Cut. As was the follow up piece where they spoke to different photographers and key industry members on the issue in order to share a range of perspectives on the issue. The Cut first started as a blog extension of New York Magazine but around August 2012 it was launched as a stand alone site that moved from simply covering style and gossip to covering a wide range of topics including style, culture, health and wellness, politics, work and money. With its connection to NY Magazine, you can trust the quality of the writing will be that of a high standard, something that takes reading only a few lines of their features to determine.

The Telegraph Fashion Unzipped Podcast

This is a podcast I’ve only just discovered. Within each episode the fashion team at The Telegraph take to the mic to discuss the biggest fashion stories of the week along with trends and products they’re lusting after. The great thing about the podcast is how naturally the conversation flows among the podcast hosts. The behind the scenes look at what goes on among the fashion team feels like you’re all taking a coffee break together while occasionally being joined by fabulous guests such as Victoria Beckham, Christopher Bailey and Ashley Graham to name a few. AND they’re kept short and sweet with episode length reaching an average of about thirty minutes. What’s not to love? 

What are your favourite resources for keeping in the know about the fashion world? 

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