Operation Transformation: The One Thing I’m Giving Up This January

It 2nd January 2017. 

You’ve just spent yet another day slobbing on the sofa, scrolling through Instagram, promising yourself that tomorrow will be different. SPOILER: It won’t. 

At one point you managed to psych yourself up, peel yourself from the sofa and embark on the journey upstairs. You told yourself it was because you were finally going to get dressed (at 16:04 you’re prouder of this than you should be) yet you’ve found yourself lounging on your bed, scrolling through Instagram yet again with next to no recollection of how you got there. 

You’ve pretty much exhausted every Instastory on your feed and as for those 2017 recaps that are still lingering, they’ve left you feeling pretty deflated, not to mention inadequate. 

Just as you feel yourself falling deeper and deeper into the pity party slump the door bell rings. 

Your heart momentarily stops. 

No one ever uses the door bell. 

Nobody but one. 

You grab your dressing gown, racing to get the door before anyone else sees what you’ve done…again. 

After last month’s incident you swore it was the last time. But alas, you caved. You caved because you’re weak. A weak, silly little girl who likes sparkly pink things. 

You can feel their eyes on you through the window of the door but you can’t bring yourself to look at them as you slowly unlock the door, release the chain and sign for yet another package. 

You know you shouldn’t but once the door is firmly closed again you sneak a little happy dance before returning to your room, ripping open the box and staring lovingly at its glorious contents. 

Four accessories.
Three jumpers.
Two pairs of shoes.
One B-E-A-U-tiful coat. 

You’ve done it again. You’ve blown your wages on yet another ASOS spending spree. The guilt forms a ball of anxious fire in your belly and you know what you’ve got to do. 

It’s time to cut yourself off. 

Face your biggest fears, embark on your toughest challenge yet and go on a shopping ban. 


Yep, you heard it here first. Technically second if you follow me on Instagram where I first declared my self-inflicted shopping ban – an announcement ironically followed by my top boxing day sales picks. They feature as a highlighted story feature on my profile if you’re one of the lucky ones who have escaped a Topshop induced shopping addiction and need some inspiration. 

Most people go with dry January as their not so grand entrance to the New Year but given how fond I am of a Saturday night in, giving up alcohol would have been a little too easy. Others opt to give up chocolate or crisps or all other sh*tty foods but given I’ve already had to cut out dairy and gluten in the last two years, taking any other food group from me right now would be too cruel. Shopping on the other hand, that’s where the real challenge lies for me. 

For the last three months I’ve made excuse after excuse to justify my never-ending shopping sprees. Interning in the fashion industry for most of 2016 and 2017 unsurprisingly left me with a shopping wish list the length of my arm so when I got my first job and as a result, first salary in August, how could I resist catching up on all of the shopping I had missed out on over the last few years? But when you’ve got to the stage where you’re checking the ASOS new in section at least twice a week and consider clearing out your ‘saved items’ as necessary life admin, it’s maybe time to reign it in. 

I’ve finally caught a little bit of the travelling bug this year and have entered 2018 dreaming of trips to European cities, a return to my beloved New York and a few further afield adventures with friends. I’ve also got goals that although will take a lot of determination and hard work, aren’t going to get anywhere without some savings behind them. None of these goals are going to get any further than my imagination if I don’t start putting away some money. Ultimately this means cutting out the shopping sprees and while a sparkly new pair of shoes might up my Instagram game and bring me some momentary joy, memories created travelling and pursuing other dreams will last so much longer. Besides, fashion is an art and working with the many clothes I already have will challenge my creativity. At least that’s what I’m telling myself. Plus I didn’t start the ban until January which means I was still able to grab a few steals in the sales pre-January 1st, enough to shoot some January content without feeling guilty about shopping.

The plan is to hand my card over to my Mum (yes I’m a child who can’t be trusted) for the month of January, only to be returned once a week in order to take out my weekly allowance in cash. Said allowance should cover me for petrol, parking and socialising but definitely not for spending on clothes. 

While the ban is only temporary and come my birthday next month I’ll definitely be treating myself to a little something, it’s a start and hopefully seeing my savings pile up will be motivation to maintain the spending cuts. 

Talk about a first world problem, ‘ey?

Wish me luck because as ashamed as I am to admit it, I’m going to need it. 


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Photos by Lucy Curran
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