The One Brow Product You Need For Perfect Eyebrows

With dark hair and dark features like mine, comes great eyebrow related responsibilities. We’re talking monthly wax and tint appointments and a very high risk of accidentally looking like a clown should your brow product be even the slightest shade too dark. There’s a demand for a feather light touch in application because much like the winged eye liner struggle, your brows could very easily take over your entire face. 

Despite their high maintenance, over the last few months my eyebrows have become my favourite facial feature. I’ve learned that with the right tools and products on hand, it’s amazing just how much good eyebrows can transform your entire look. I made the poor decision of looking back at photos from a year ago, pre-eyebrow product discovery and how I ever left the house looking like that I’ll never know (and never forgive myself for). Roll back another year on top of that and I was barely even entertaining the idea of waxing my eyebrows regularly let alone carefully filling in and shaping them as part of my daily make up routine. 

Friends often get tired of my inability to leave the house without a full face of make up on. For them its a matter of quickly throwing on their brows and that’s that, not a mention of any other product. Until recently this was an attitude I really couldn’t wrap my head around. How could they only do their eyebrows, not bother with any other products and still look fab? Meanwhile I’m sat fiddling with contour kits and highlighters and still looking like the dumpy friend who’s been let out for the day. When I started using Eylure’s brow pomade, this casual attitude to all other make up products made much more sense. 

Most of my work life is spent working from home which means 90% of my workwear wardrobe consists of loungewear matched with a very minimal make up look. Since commuting isn’t part of my morning routine, I try to use that time to get stuck into my work a little earlier. My beauty routine is kept as simple and short as possible so with Eylure’s brow promade, a good moisturiser and a lip scrub, it’s easy to have my brows filled in, complete my ‘make up’ look and still be at my desk by 8:30am. Not bad. 

In hindsight it’s embarrassing to admit that back when I was still a brow product virgin, brow pomades definitely intimidated me. I stuck to pencils or clear gels and associated pomades with heavy, tattoo-esque eyebrow looks – not exactly my style. I quickly discovered that while there’s a time and a place for eyebrow pencils and gels, I was ready for the next step in the eyebrow world and was craving a more defined look. Finally facing my fears, I trusted in Eylure’s brow pomade to give me the perfectly sculpted (but still very natural) finish I had been looking for. Don’t judge a book (or product) by its cover, ey?

So how do you apply brow pomade to achieve perfect brows?

To avoid my eyebrows looking too heavy and caked in product I wipe away any extra product from the brush by drawing test brush strokes on the back of my hand. Once you’re happy with how the consistency is appearing on your hand and you’ve removed all excess product, you’re ready to start applying the brow pomade onto your eyebrows. I find the product isn’t as soft as other brow pomades I’ve used. This is an element of the product that I really like because not only does the product last for much longer but a good amount comes off on the brush which makes dealing with any excess product much easier. 

I start by applying the product to the second half of my eyebrow first of all, using light brush stroked to fill in the middle of the eyebrow and lightly carving out the tail of the brow and filling it in with the same technique. I rarely apply more product to the brush because I like to keep the first half of my brows looking very natural, using only the very little product that’s left on the brush to create a gentle ombre look. To do this I gently line underneath the first half of my eyebrow and do the same along the top before using a spoolie to brush through the product. I then repeat this technique on the other eyebrow, apply a little bit of concealer above and below the brow and voila, easy eyebrow perfection. 

The key to perfect brows is a very light touch and Eylure’s incredibly affordable brow pomade (£8.95) available in Superdrug, Boots and

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