3 Ways I’m Filling The New York Shaped Hole In My Heart

Taking into account the amount of time I spend talking and thinking about New York, you’d think I had grown up there or at least lived there at some point in my life. At least if that was the case I could justify my extensive emotional attachment to the city that never sleeps. 

The sad (devastating) reality is that I’ve only been to New York once. That one time was only a few months ago for my 21st birthday. Not that I went on about it or anything. (Have I told you I went to New York this year?) 

I posted on it on Instagram 15 times. Yep, you heard me. 15 times. 1-5. 

I wrote two dedicated blog posts about my trip (here and here) and mentioned it in four other posts. That’s 21 pieces of content made out of a day trip. That’s excluding 3 separate instagram posts, more social media mentions as a result of this post plus this blog post itself bringing us up to about 27 pieces of content. 

On that basis, I think it’s safe to say I’m obsessed with New York. 

But here’s the problem…

What’s a girl supposed to do when a) she doesn’t live in her dream city, New York, b) can’t afford another trip there anytime soon and c) can’t get NYC off her mind for love nor money?

Option A) Up sticks tomorrow, book a one way ticket to New York and probably end up on the streets with no money.

Option B) Give up the shopping addiction, become a hermit and save every last penny.

Option C) Take advantage of social media, use my imagination and improvise. 

Let’s get real here. Firstly, I’m far too much of an anxious person to survive the spontaneity of booking a one way trip anywhere, let alone moving without a place (or a visa). Secondly, I’m definitely far too deep into my shopping addiction to give it up at this point. 

That leaves option C. We live in the 21st century for god’s sake. Why would I ever want to inconvenience myself when I could live my life through someone else via instastories? Why waste my money on a $1000+ trip when I could just watch a New Yorker vlogger’s vlog around the city instead? Or better yet, I could take a real weekend escape to the city without leaving my bedroom by immersing myself in a New York based read instead. 

The obsessions is at an all time high and I’ve become heavily dependent on the following resources.


YouTube & Snapchat


Tar Mar Vlogtober


Just when I thought I’d have to wait until Christmas for my favourite Irish girls in NYC to bring me all of the daily vlogging goodness, good ol’ (not remotely old) Tar Mar whacks out the vlog camera for the entirety of October. While they’ve sadly come to an end now, Vlogmas is just around the corner so here’s hoping she picks up the daily vlogging again for the occasion. For those of you who missed out on it at the time, you’re in for a seriously delightful YouTube binge session. 


Retro Flame


Because would it really be a recommendation post on Niamh Serena without any mention of Retro Flame? I dare you to follow this girl on any platform – blog, YouTube, social media – and not want to move to New York. Sometimes I don’t even bother checking Snapchat until after lunch time when I know that because of the time difference she will have actually posted something. Yes, I know – it’s pathetic and I have a problem. 


Ashley Brooke

Even if you don’t have any interest in New York, Ashley just got a gorgeous cocker spaniel puppy that you really won’t want to miss. Ashley is one of those insanely beautiful girls whose entire life you end up envying. Perfectly chic, a successful blog, her own clothing brand combined with the incredibly stunning view across the city that she has from her New York apartment and something tells me you won’t be able to resist looking up holiday packages to NYC. 


Kaelin Fox



Friday wineday.. 🍷✨ #CaptionsAreHard #LastNight #Motn

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She’s sister to Retro Flame founder, Erika Fox so obviously you’re in for a super stylish treat. She’s also relatively new to NYC after moving around a year ago to join the Retro Flame team with her sister so her weekend explorations are definitely enough to feed my infatuation with the city. 


LC’s Closet


This gal’s extensive knowledge of New York will blow you away. Travel guide books are so 2015 anyway. Whether talking history, city trivia, where to go, where to be and not to mention her tips and tricks for surviving the city in all of its Christmas glory, Lorna knows her stuff when it comes to all things New York. 




Lady Lovin’


Three (now) New Yorker girls, sit down weekly, usually with a guest to discuss career, friendships, love and sex and life in the city. The Hills fans (me) may recognise at least one if not two voices of the show’s hosts. Lo Bosworth, best friend of the one and only LC along with Jilly Hendrix, childhood friend of Lauren Conrad both appeared in the MTV show – Lo more prominently than Jilly.

Straight talking attitudes and regular references to New York gets this podcast a 10/10 from me. 


The Skinny Confidential Him & Her Podcast


Podcast duo and unintentionally hilarious couple, Lauryn Evarts (founder of fitness and lifestyle blog, The Skinny Confidential) along with her entrepreneur husband, Michael Bosstick, grill their podcast guests to give their listeners the best possible value from their interviews.  Lauryn technically falls under the YouTube, snapchat and blog category since it’s her behind the scenes snapchat shots from NYC life (they split their time between San Diego & New York) that keeps my New York appetites satisfied but they do make reference to New York within their podcasts (particularly when they record there) which I am 100% there for. 


TV & Books



Although technically filmed in Toronto, those opening shots spanning the New York skyline and scenes reflecting the true NYC hustle and bustle is enough to give me butterflies every time. 

The Regulars by Georgia Clark



ONE DAY TILL LIFTOFF! #TheRegulars paperback is almost here! Aiiiyyyeeeeeeee! 🍷💋💥

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The obsession has seeped into my choice of books to the point where the last two books I bought, I did so purely on the basis that they were based in New York. The first one I read was The Regulars by Georgia Clark and I highly recommend you add it to your Amazon wishlist ASAP. 

Three twenty-something girls are fed up of being seen as ‘regulars’ in the city. They’re faced with a real millennial moral dilemma when offered a drug/potion/magical substance that promised to transform their lives, how they’re perceived as women and how they perceive other people by altering their appearance. It’s a strange combo of modern feminist fairytale meets coming of age in the Big Apple novel. Read it, weep that you don’t live in New York then hop on the next flight regardless of the consequences. 

Last but not least, I’ve been checking flights at least once a week and working out whether or not I could survive living off baked beans to pay them off. At this point I’m very seriously considering it. 

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