Need To Know Styling Hacks That Will Take Your Look From Day To Night

I’m by no means a party girl. I enjoy a night out every so often but I’ve never been great at the whole 3 nights out in a row thing and don’t even get me started on the hangovers – we do not have a great relationship. It’s not that I’ve ruled out nights out all together, I need to let my hair down every so often as much as the next person. But I’d definitely take casual drinks at a bar or a glass of wine by the fire over a wild night out in a club.

One major consequence of not being a ‘party girl’ (aside from seeming like a total bore to everyone else) is that my going out wardrobe is severely lacking. SEVERELY. Any other kind of occasion and I’m almost always good to go with the outfit inspiration but night out style? Nah-uh not my thing. 

For one thing, I like to be comfortable which makes a long night out wearing heels almost totally undesirable although my ever-growing shoe collection would suggest otherwise. Then there’s the fact that wearing your fabulous new heels on a night out will inevitably lead to them being ruined. I learned the hard way that rule number one when it comes to day-to-night dressing is to find yourself at least one paid of ‘going-out’ shoes that are comfortable, easy to clean and won’t break your heart if someone spills their entire drink over them. 

Since nights out take up a much smaller portion of my social life, instead of buying an entirely new wardrobe of clothes I’ll very rarely wear, I’ve adapted clothes and outfits that I already love and feel great in to make them more appropriate for post-work drinks or events. 

It’s alllllllll about the shoes

The easiest way to liven up an outfit for the evening is to switch up the shoes. Tuck them into your handbag, hide them under your desk, throw them in your passenger seat, whatever your mode of transport for the Friday shoe switcheroo, there’s no denying that carrying one pair of shoes with you is a lot easier than lugging an entire change of clothes to the office. 

When choosing the shoes (as mentioned above) its important to factor in comfort and location. There’s nothing worse than spending an evening on your feet in uncomfortable heels except maybe wearing your brand new nude, suede shoes to a crowded bar or club. Then you’re just asking for trouble – don’t make their debut night their last and only night. 

Block heels, mules and black – your absolute BFFs in this scenario. 

Also – make sure the shoes are well broken in and the night is yours. 


Rummage through your accessories collection

Admittedly the corset worn in this look isn’t something I pulled out of the back of my wardrobe. I had just bought in from ASOS prior to shooting this look BUT it was in the sale and under £15 so you know, a forgivable purchase. Without the subtle glitz and glam of the corset, this look would just be a plain shirt – a staple and a classic in your workwear wardrobe but a little too meh for a night out. Strap yourself in to a little statement corset come 6pm Friday evening and bish, bash, bosh, you’ve got a look Carrie Bradshaw would be proud of. 

Another example of corset belting – daytime look: Oversized band tee, leather trousers, converse. Evening look: Add in the corset, swap out the converse for Saturday night heels. Day to night look sorted in one fell swoop. 


The three outfit rule

Sometimes it’s best to go right back to the basics. That means taking it all the way back to when you’re out shopping. Picture this – you’ve just picked up an item and you’re about to buy it. Fight off the impulse shopper inside you and think about the purchase for a second. If you can’t think of at least three different ways you’re going to wear the item and three different outfits you can create with the item, then it’s not for you. By curating your wardrobe as ruthlessly as possible, you’re making day to night outfit planning one hundred times easier for yourself.


Photos by Kellie Scott

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