19 Pinterest Worthy Home Office Ideas For The Fashion Girl

Around 4.8 million people are self-employed in the UK with 87% of those people saying that they would never be an employee again. Add to that the constantly increasing amount of digital nomads out there along with the start ups operating on a work from home policy and it’s clear that traditional office jobs are becoming old news.

While there are many perks to being able to grab your laptop and work where you want – unlimited supply of tea, no commute, incorporating slippers into your uniform – there’s also the need to create a productive work space for yourself and find a way to maintain a work/life balance when your workplace is also your home.

I for one am a real nester. When I moved to Dublin for 6 months I took more with me than my brother did when moving to uni in London earlier this month. Given how much time I spend in my home office now (it’s my job so we’re talking at least 40-50 hours per week), it’s important to me that I create a space that’s both inspiring and motivating and allows me to really focus and get in the zone with my work. So far I’ve only moved bits and pieces in but the wish list is growing and the Pinterest collection definitely building.

Draw inspiration from the spaces below and treat yourself to some guilt-free interiors shopping. It’s benefitting your work after all…




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