Who Knew Hiking Boots Could Be So On Trend?


For one reason or another I was set on joining the hiking club when I started uni.

SPOILER: It never materialised further than borrowing a pair of hiking boots from a kind friend and then swiftly forgetting all about them until it was time to pack up my room again at the end of first year.

Call it a craving for fresh air as a little country bumpkin from County Down headed off to new prospects of city life (kind of) in Manchester – who knows why hiking was the one club that caught my normally non-athletic attention. One thing I do know for sure is it definitely wasn’t the fashion that had me heading for the hills (mountains) of England – in fact, it had me heading as far away in the opposite direction as possible. Those clunky, heavy, U.G.L.Y hiking boots complete with thick fluffy socks peaking over the edge? Yeah, not for me.

Except, fast forward 3 years and they’re all I can think about. SOS.

Ok, so maybe not those exact boots but definitely a more attractive cousin to my previously most hated shoes but still, how, when and why have hiking boots become a trend in 2017? And more importantly, how, when and why am I such a big fan?!

I’ve retraced my fashion obsessed steps as best as possible and have concluded that the brainwashing occurred round about the same time that Lydia Millen stomped onto our YouTube screens wearing a pair of Louis Vuitton hiking boot-esque shoes. That’s when I lost my mind and started coveting hiking boot inspired shoes as an Autumn wardrobe staple.


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I wouldn’t describe it as the the smoothest of love stories. There was no instant spark or harmonic music as they entered on screen and I’ve definitely been trying (and failing) to play it cool with them. I even screwed up my face upon first sight of Cupid’s latest culprit. An entire 10 seconds later I was scouring Zara to find a designer dupe like a teenager googling how to flirt with their crush.


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There’s no denying that it completely contradicts everything we’ve been told about feminine trends for the season ahead – florals, velvets and plenty of pinks – and it definitely makes me wish I hadn’t just donated a pair to my sister’s wardrobe. The beauty in the contrast is that in taking the opposites attract approach, chunky boots perfectly compliment an otherwise feminine look – as Lydia so perfectly demonstrates.

What can I say people, fashion is fickle and so am I. For that reason I’m already blowing my payday earnings before its had any time to get comfortable in my bank account. Please join me so I don’t feel so guilty. Please.



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