How To Cope With Heartbreak (The Shoe Inflicted Kind)


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It’s finally happened.

It’s over. There, I said it.

O-V-E-R. Over. Done. Finito. Devastated.

It took waking up for the third morning in a row to the sound of rain pelting my window to finally admit defeat. It wasn’t the angry, hammering rain of November but more like the light tapping of rain, stereotypical of September. The kind that taunts you as you stare longingly at what’s left of your summer wardrobe, regretting how you took it for granted and promising that next year will be different. You promised for the millionth time that it would be different this time but right on cue, you let them down, wore only half of its contents and now you have to suffer the heartbreak of packing up your memories together and watch them walk out of your life – potentially for good this time.

The anger gets the better of you and so you retaliate, toying with the idea of seeking comfort in winter boots but instantly regret showing such signs of betrayal to your beloved mules. No boots cosy enough could ever replace them. While the thought of jumpers, long sleeves and boots may be tempting, you’re not ready to move on so quickly. You admit to having fantasised about a particular pair of winter boots and you let slip that you’ve already planned outfits with a particular winter coat but that’s all, it meant nothing to you. But it wasn’t just a meaningless fantasy. It was the final nail in the coffin, the straw that broke the camel’s back, the reason it’s time to accept that your relationship with your summer shoes is well and truly over.

You prepare yourself to say your final goodbyes while staring lovingly at your trusty backless loafers. You’ve been through a lot together this summer but puddles and lashing rain isn’t their scene. They kept your look fresh all summer long but people and shoes, well, they change and the spark is gone. While they walked into your life as a breath of fresh air, maintaining a gentle breeze and circulation of fresh air to your feet, they now leave your feet feeling cold, neglected and now, totally abandoned.

So what’s girl to do? The backless loafers are out and while mules make for a great rebound fling, it’s time to start keeping those expensive pedicures to yourself. Trainers may be the perfect shoulder to cry on (comfy AF and bang on trend), they’re not ready to commit to an entire winter. So, you can throw pity party after pity party and dwell on your heartbreak all you want but the reality is that winter is coming a lot faster that we thought and it’s time to grow up.  Yes, you’re a little rusty but it’s time to get back in the game, see what’s out there and have a little fun again.

The Boots

They may have been on the no-go list earlier on but things have changed. Throw on a maxi dress and would you look at that – hello, best dressed list. Or what about that cute little tea dress you’ve been eyeing up all summer long? Unlike your sandals, this summer hit hasn’t abandoned you. Pair it with your boots and look at that, you’re feeling like the ultimate Reformation girl.  Stick with brighter colours for now. You’ve got plenty of time to adopt the dark floral prints and longer hems of Autumn. Plus you could do with a little colour in your life after what you’ve been through. All break ups are hard.

Ballet Flats

Yes, it broke your heart to say goodbye to those backless loafers but talk about an upgrade, ballet flats will have you smiling again in no time. And with the glitz and glam of designer’s current embellishment obsession, here’s to moving on to bigger and brighter things.


Kitten Heels

Let’s not get too ahead of ourselves here. Dior is still out your league but you’ll do everything in your power to recreate that kitten heel look. Like it or loathe it, you may as well admit defeat. Kitten heels are on your radar and you’re into it. BIG TIME.


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