The Power of Finding The Right Dress

For the most part I wouldn’t class myself as a dress girl. Then again, I also wouldn’t class myself as an accessories girl and what do you know, my most recent wardrobe additions have been this dress and a mountain of accessories. Hello identity crisis.

Joking aside, I’ve learned that when it comes to fashion it’s not about being a dress kind of girl, an accessories kind of girl, a jeans kind of girl or the kind of girl who couldn’t care less about any of the above. It’s about finding what works for you, what you feel most comfortable and most confident in and getting creative with that.

Take this dress for example. Despite my previous statement about not being a dress girl, believe it or not I’ve actually lost count of how many times I’ve worn this dress since Cari’s Closet so kindly gifted it to me. It’s perfect for wearing casually, paired with trainers and a bomber jacket. For when you feel like dressing up a little but not committing to getting dolled up to the nines, slip on a pair of mules like I have and seek comfort in your denim jacket. The best thing about this dress is it speaks for itself. No more working out what goes with what when it comes to this look. It’s a ready made outfit so dress girl or no dress girl, what is there to complain about?


Admittedly had I been faced with the slightest suggestion of wearing a dress beforehand I probably would have turned up my nose and flashed my most disgruntled look to the camera but that reaction came down to me closing my mind to the styling possibilities offered by a dress – an approach that often leads to the power of a dress being underestimated. The same goes for my birthday dress. Pink, frilly, lacy and feminine. Hardly my usual style. It’s no surprise then that when it came to wearing it on the night, questionably paired with pink metallic heels (we all make mistakes), I felt far from confident or comfortable. After it’s one and only venture out on the town, the dress hung in my wardrobe for months before either of us could trust one another again. As I started paying more attention to the clothes that do make me feel good, a lightbulb went off. I tried a different styling approach with the dress, finally fell in love with it and even braved featuring it on this blog.

My point is that once you allow yourself to get creative with clothes, you’ll come up with all sorts of outfit combinations that had never even occurred to you before. Fashion is supposed to be fun. It’s about experimenting and finding new ways to let your fabulous personality shine through. To do that to the best of our ability we need to stop ruling out certain trends and items of clothing. Open your minds, people and let yourself wonder at the amazing opportunities that present themselves – an approach that can be life changing for more than just your wardrobe.

Thanks to Cari’s Closet for so kindly gifting this dress

Photos by Matthew McCracken

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