The Surprise Dress Trend Taking Summer By Storm

There’s no doubt about it, winter fashion is significantly better than that of the summer season. Don’t get me wrong, there are huge elements of summer style that I can’t get enough of – floral dresses, pretty playsuits and wearing a denim jacket with everything makes my heart very content – but for the most part, I find myself struggling more than ever with what to wear. I seem to go into sheer sartorial panic on the rare occasion that we have a day full of cloud splitting sunshine and raised temperatures. Then there’s the holiday packing where I seem to pack absolutely every item of remotely summery clothing that I own in the hope that when I open the case on the other side the items will all have magically transformed themselves into complete outfits. During our most recent heatwave and gloriously lengthy 2 day summer, I found myself trying on no less than four different outfits before settling on one to sit around the house in (a slogan tee and denim shorts – hardly a masterpiece.) It was then that I realised the extent of just how much I dislike summer fashion. After an (accidentally) lengthy discussion at the dinner table with my mum and little sister, we concluded that the problem with summer fashion is the bare all approach we all seem to have adopted. We’re not the only ones to have noticed either, as confirmed by a quick scroll through the feeds of the favourite influencers and street style stars of the industry. This summer’s style squad are all about modest dressing in the height of summer.

Think high necks, long sleeves and full length dresses (not necessarily all at once), pulled together with the most delicate of sheer material, ladylike prints and looser silhouettes. It’s time to embrace more feminine and luxurious pieces, the kind that give true meaning to the term, day-to-night dressing. Translate the look into into everyday wear simply by toughening it up with leather or block heels, adding an unexpected element to do all of the talking. The best part about the trend is come winter, you’ll have a perfectly curated collection dresses to layer until your heart is content. Just because you have it, doesn’t mean you have to flaunt it if you don’t want to.


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