The Celebrity Trend You Need To Get On Board With ASAP

I’m not entirely sure what’s going on right now but everywhere I look, people seem to be obsessing over leggings. I can count at least 4 emails off the top of my head where leggings sales were being pushed in my face. I can count at least 4 times in the last 2 weeks that I’ve left the house in leggings and I can confirm that my last purchase included leggings. To be fair, the leggings I’ve been buying and wearing are gym leggings because, drum roll please, I’m a gym girl now (cue sassy hair flick).

P.S Stay tuned to hear all about it and how patient saints of MISSFITZ that have been putting up with and training me.

The new found gym love has definitely contributed to the increased leggings to normal clothes ratio going on in my wardrobe but I’m not the only one feeling the love for leggings. I’m also definitely not complaining, not for a second. If this means that I can walk around in the comfort of leggings again without being accused of being a milly, wearing what looks like improved upon fabrics that prevent the dreaded VPL/see through situation then sign me up and make it snappy. This is one trend I can wholeheartedly commit to.

We’ve become a society obsessed with health and fitness combined with a continuous love for sports luxe fashion. Really, it’s only a matter of time before gym wear takes over our lives. While clearing out my wardrobe last week I realised that I own more trainers than I do any other kind of shoe. While I initially criticised myself for this, it’s fast become a bonus now that I actually go to the gym (would a second hair flick be too much?) and finally my trainers are getting used for their original purpose as opposed to a fashion statement. Added bonus – with my reinstated love for leggings, the trainers and leggings combos are becoming endless.

I suppose we should probably give credit where it’s due on this one. The celebrities and their stylists (more likely the latter). It only took us ordinary people about a year to catch on but last year the celebs were all about the leggings, focusing on finding ways to incorporate them into their day to day lives rather than restricting the trend to gym wear. While their thinking was probably more to do with efficiently maintaining their status on the glam radar, ours was more likely based around being lazy. They played with proportions, pairing leggings with chunky knits. They toyed with layering, throwing on a hoodie and duster coats. They weighed up their options and used their experimenting time wisely. By the time summer 2017 rolled around, they knew exactly what they were doing. I don’t know about you but I’m ready to start playing copy cat. Let the shopping commence.

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