How To Sleep When It’s Far Too Warm Outside, You Hate Your Life and Anyone Who Comes Near You

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Sleeping in the heat while tucked up in bed in Northern Ireland isn’t something we usually have to be worried about but there I was, night number 2, 3, 4, (I’ve lost count I’m so tired) tossing and turning struggling to battle the heat in pursuit of falling sleep once again. The windows were open and the duvet was off. What’s a girl supposed to do? AC isn’t an option given the rarity that is heat in Northern Ireland but it’s rare occurence, doesn’t make it any easier to deal with when it comes to sleeping. Even when their is AC available while on holiday, who really enjoys sleeping with cold air on blast only to wake up with a blocked nose and foggy head anyway? And that’s without taking into account any alcohol consumption that went on the night before. So after a few hours of tossing and turning, I did what any technology addicted millennial would do and got scrolling on my phone to find the answers. This is what the internet had to offer. They’re weird and wonderful while others are just downright obvious and I’m holding myself back from getting picky. There’s only so many sweaty sheep a girl can count in one night.

Get your hands (and feet) on some cold water

We’ll start with the most obvious and one of themes accessible tips. A quick rinse (soak, depending on just how warm and impatient you’re feeling) of your hands and feet in some cold water right before bed is said to do the trick. The closer before bedtime that you do it, the more effective. We’re talking a quick soak then legging it into bed allowing the motion of running to dry excess water off. If you’re a real pro you’ll keep a cold damp cloth by your bed, ready to be placed on your forehead all night long.

Freeze your pillow

Either I’ve been missing a serious trick the last few nights or the internet is winding me up. Rumour has it if you stick your pillowcase into the freezer before going to bed then allow it to thaw out while you sleep you’ll be cool as a cucumber all night long. I don’t know how to feel about this one but it sounds refreshing. They tried telling me to do it with all of my bed clothes but that’s where I draw the line. The act of stripping my bed, finding space in my freezer then remaking the bed was a sweat inducing thought in itself.

Get out the hot water bottle

What I’ve gathered so far is that the key to surviving sleep in the heat is basically to throw every kind of sleeping accessory into the freezer and you’re on to a winner. While clinging to a hot water bottle tucked under your dressing gown may seem like a thing of the distant past at this point, the trick this time is to put your hot water bottle into the freezer so that it acts like an ice pack. Having heard hot water bottle horror stories over the years, I’m sceptical and have been taught to be wary of the bubbly little creatures. Couldn’t we just use an ice pack and wrap it up in a tea towel or is that not glam enough?

Get creative and build your own AC

Good luck convincing your parents or landlord/lady that air conditioning is a necessary instalment in your home (unless you’re fortunate enough to live somewhere that doesn’t rain 75% the time). When they inevitably turn down your well thought out presentation as to why you need AC, get resourceful and build your own makeshift version. My internet scrolling informed me (more than once) that by placing a pan or bowl of ice in front of fan, you can create your own cooling mist. Fab-u-lous.

Shut it out

Like most normal people I tend to open all of my blinds and curtains as soon as I’m up and about in the morning. During the summer time when the weather is nice the doors and windows are flung open and I’m lapping up all of the sunshine that I possibly can. Pursuing normal behaviour seems to be where I’m going wrong in my approach to sleeping in the heat. The wise old internet recommends keeping blinds and curtains shut during the day in areas where the sun shining. Tell that to the rest of my family as we endure the stuffy heat of the house.

Despite my reluctant and definitely grumpy attitude that, funnily enough has been provoked by a lack of sleep, beggars can’t be choosers so guess who’s going for a cold dunk before bed time tonight?

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