Hats Off: Every Hat Trend You Need To Know About This Season

Side note:  The Hats Off title of choice has led to Mask Off being stuck in my head for days now. However, Future can wear a hat better than any man I know so I’m willing to accept my subconscious association. 

I’ve never been a hats kind of gal but something has taken over my accessorising senses (of which I have very few to start with). During the winter I was all about the beanie and I mean, all about the beanie. When you have curly hair like mine is naturally, bad hair days occur on the daily so for the most part, you don’t mind having to deal with hat hair since you’ve already succumb to the pain of having hair that will never behave itself when you need it to. If you’re thinking this spiel sounds familiar then 10/10 to you because it was only a few months ago during the depths of winter that I dedicated an entire post to my new found love of beanies. Unfortunately for me, summer brings all sorts of new challenges for curly hair and aside from the fact that I would look like a complete idiot wearing a wooly hat during the summer, any additional warmth from a beanie would be an absolute sweaty, frizz ball disaster. Believe me when I say, no one wants to witness that.

Having just jumped onto the hat bandwagon, it seemed wrong to abandon it completely at the drop of a hat (wahey, hello cheesy pun). I’ve ditched the beanies and adopted the baseball caps. Until I saw fashion queen Rihanna wearing the beret and now I can’t stop thinking about whether or not I have the balls to wear one. Then came Alexa Chung’s cowboy moment at Glastonbury and I was sent into all sorts of a headwear tizzy.

Its no wonder that the celebs have welcomed the baseball cap trend with open arms. Serving as the perfect off-duty, “no photos, please” kind of look, it’s the perfect protection from the paps. Either that or they don’t want the world to know that they too have really bad hair days.

As for the beret, we should hardly be surprised that the piece has made a jump from the heads of stereotypical french men to those of the fashion it girls given the preference for ironic fashion that the industry is displaying. While we can thank style icon Twiggy for originally planting the “make berets cool” seed, its AW17 Runways that have well and truly announced the trend’s return. Ever the impatient crowd, fashion influencers couldn’t wait that long, proudly proving that the beret deserves to enjoy its moment starting from now.

Alexa’s cowboy moment? It’s best to trust her on this. Records show that she knows what she’s doing in the styling department.



The Baseball Cap

Photo via InStyle

The Beret

Photo via Pinterest

The Cowboy Hat

Photo via Pinterest



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