Why I love New York + My First Vlog

New York has consumed my thoughts for so much of the last 2 years. Being the cringeworthy cliche that I am, I’ve obsessed over Sex and The City like no girl has before. I’ve watched the entire series over and over and over, again. I will defend Carrie and her selfish behaviour until the end and while I appreciate every meme made around the series, any laughter is endured through nerves, accompanied by thoughts of how misunderstood the characters are. I digress – my true love for Carrie and her crew will be kept for another post (lucky you.)

I decided 2016 would be the year that I would follow my dreams of going to New York and becoming Carrie Bradshaw for just a few days – a dream many a fashion gal has had before me. I talked about it non-stop, I thought about it even more. I ate, slept, breathed New York and I still do.

As the year synonymous with many a shitty experience, 2016 came and went and New York didn’t happen.

Dun, Dun, Dun.

Given my financial situation at the time (uni drop out, unpaid intern, struggling freelancer), I know I shouldn’t have been surprised but this is the same girl who thought that one trip across the ocean would make all of my dreams come true, have me writing for Vogue and buying expensive shoes with my rent money.

Then came good ol’ 2017. Good ol’ 2017 with a certain 21st birthday. A 21st birthday being the perfect excuse for a big present like a trip to NYC. Jackpot.

Honestly, it felt surreal up until the first morning that I woke up in New York. For the months leading up to it, people would ask if I was excited and I was, obviously but I’d talked about it for so long that part of me couldn’t believe I would actually be there. The entire time I was there it felt like a complete bubble, separate to the rest of the world because with everything going on in New York, where else would you need to be? I secured my NYC bubble in those few days by avoiding any social media that wasn’t NYC related. Watching Irish snapchatters took a back seat. Reading UK blogs took a back seat and replying to messages from home took a back seat. The obsession grew and grew.

I don’t know whether it was the confidence or the anonymity the city offered but I felt the trip should be documented so I took the plunge and attempted my first ever vlog. Attempt is the key word here. Creating video content is something entirely new to me but between watching snapchat and Instagram stories and keeping up with my favourite YouTubers, it’s something I’ve thought about a lot in recent months. The editing isn’t the smoothest and the content itself may not be up to everyone’s standards but we all have to start somewhere and so I’m starting with New York. Let’s see where it takes me.

I’d love to hear your feedback and as a YouTube newbie, any advice is more than welcome. 

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