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I’ve recently confessed my struggle with blogging, my lack of inspiration within the industry and overall, lack of motivation with my blog. I’m still really lacking in motivation and inspiration and unfortunately, I’ve got into one very lazy rut but I’m working on it. At the moment I’ve mostly escaped the guilt (mostly, not completely or I wouldn’t be writing these posts) that comes with lack of motivation. This comes down to the fact that for the last 6 months, my internship has become a much bigger priority than my blog so with a reduced amount of time to commit to my blog, met with a reduced amount of energy, I’ve much more readily made excuses as to why I haven’t been putting in the effort with little However, in two weeks time my internship comes to an end (where has the time gone?!) which means no more making excuses. Sadly, it’s not as easy as just flicking a switch and bam, you become a dedicated content machine. With the end of my internship looming and a promise to myself that I would give my blog the attention and commitment that it deserves and once had, I got thinking about the different resources I’ve turned to in the past when I need a little boost and thought maybe, just maybe, a few of you out there might find them helpful. I’ve broken them down into three sections – books, websites, and videos – all of which are things I definitely bang on about at one point or another on my social media.


Whether directly related to blogging or fashion or just motivational books in general, I find it so helpful reading other people’s stories about how they’ve made their career a success. At the start of the year I went through a phase where every book I read, one after another fell within this genre. Then I suffered a little bit of book burnout and felt a need to switch it up with a little fiction. While I love reading fiction and think it’s important to keep a little variety on the go, there’s a definite correlation between my levels of motivation and effort and my choice of non-fiction, career focused book. Personally, it feels a bit like when you filter the people you spend time with, only including those that build you up and encourage positivity within your life only in this case there’s the added bonus of boosting productivity. If you’re in the market for a few motivational books, these are the ones that I’ve found most helpful over the last few months.

My Story – Jo Malone

Man Repeller: Seeking love, finding overalls
(while not exclusively about her career, she’s someone I admire so naturally, her writing inspires me)

Crush It! Why Now is the time to cash in on your passion – Gary Vaynerchuk

Lean In – Sheryl Sandberg

Girl Code: Unlocking the secrets to Success, Sanity and Happiness for the Female Entrepreneur – Cara Alwill Leyba 


There’s probably nothing surprising about the fact that the websites that inspire me are mostly written by other bloggers. There’s no denying that the blogging industry is getting more and more saturated and a lot of people turn their noses up at blogging. The same people will most likely think I’m crazy for dreaming of making my blog a business one day. It’s easy to let those people get to you and affect your motivation but if we spent all of our time listening to them, we wouldn’t get anywhere. Every so often (usually on a Sunday morning with a cup of tea) I let myself get lost in the atmosphere of amazing blogs out there. Through blogging and my internships, I’ve become more aware of media sites that aren’t blogs nor mainstream sites but their quality of writing and creative voice brings enough content to spend your entire day devouring. Looking at those bloggers and writers out there who have successfully boosted their websites to the top fills me up with faith that it is possible, despite those that doubt the industry. The below websites are the ones that have gone from a Sunday scrolling session to refreshing daily, subscribing to newsletters and trusting to help dig me out of most creative ruts.

Retro Flame


Not Another Blonde

The Every Girl 


Man Repeller

The Coveteur

My Domaine


We all need a pep talk every so often. Today in particular I was in desperate need of a few. As I checked through  my emails, I thanked myself for forwarding on the below video featured on My Domaine recently. It hit the nail on the head considering it’s entirely focused on making blogging your business, something I’ve been daydreaming about more and more frequently. Most of the videos embedded below are directly relevant to bloggers but the likes of Gary Vee, who I’m sure a lot of you are aware of, are great for giving you a little tough love career motivation, guaranteed to get you out of a rut regardless of your industry.

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