Top 5 Trends You’ll See Me Wearing This Spring

At this point, spring feels long overdue. You don’t realise until the evenings start getting brighter again just how painful it is to endure winter. Just yesterday following a brunch date in the sun with my family, I was thinking how all it takes is one afternoon of sunshine to make you question not only why we continue to put up with Northern Irish winters but also how.

In true Northern Irish fashion, the second the sun appeared for longer than 5 minutes and temperatures rose above 12 degrees, I broke the news to my wardrobe that summer fashion is now the only thing on the agenda and it’s time to switch it up with the following trends that believe me, I’m more than ready to embrace.

The Cold Shoulder

Hardly the new kid on the block, the cold shoulder is back to stake its claim over spring/summer fashion.  Last summer was all about the off the shoulder little tops and dresses, this time – in my attempt to be a “grown up” – we’re all about the more sophisticated, dramatic sleeves and ruffles while still daring to bare a little clavicle and shoulder.

Much as I try, I never feel entirely comfortable in a mini skirt and while I’d say I have a fairly healthy relationship with crop tops, they aren’t the most ideal choice of clothing if you plan on eating anything that day. The off the shoulder top on the other hand? Could not be more inclusive a skin baring trend if it tried. Eaten an entire pizza and then some while sunning yourself somewhere off the coast of Italy? Hello, floaty off the shoulder shirt. Faced with the age-old “jeans and a nice top” dress code? Hello, sassy off the shoulder top. Taken to wearing your boyfriends shirts but worried about looking like a drowned rat? Hello…you get the drill. (FYI – undo a few buttons, slide around your shoulders and voila, femininity restored.)

Although I’m very aware that everyone has their own issues with their body, I can only assume that people have less issues with baring their shoulders than they do about wearing a crop top or mini skirt but please, correct me if I’m wrong.


Busy brunching in a West Village, v cool, hipster, Australian cafe in New York a few weeks ago, I noticed one particularly cool girl sat with her friends out of the corner of my eye. As with most people who catch my attention, it was her outfit that made me notice her. She was wearing a red gingham midi skirt, complete with ruffles – very Zara-esque, very chic, very effortlessly cool. I’d be lying if I said I forgot about that outfit instantly. I would also be lying if I said I definitely didn’t search the internet for said skirt. Admittedly the outfit was a little reminiscent of a picnic blanket but fashion has done weirder things.

Red gingham hasn’t been the only kind of gingham on my mind lately. I recently found it on a list of article ideas from almost six months ago. Currently it’s still much more of a lusting relationship rather than a trend I’ve attained within my wardrobe yet but something tells me that once I’ve got my hands on the infamous red gingham skirt, I’ll be one step closer to head to toe picnic chic.


Fishnet Socks




Who knew that a pair of socks could bring one girl so much joy and sass? I certainly didn’t. Fishnet socks, for one reason or another have become my go to item when I want to spruce up any outfit. Emphasis on any. Dressed up or dressed down, I cannot fault the styling talent that lies within the toes of fishnet socks. Perfect to add a little grunge to an otherwise girly outfit. Perfect for adding a little personality. Perfect with blue jeans. Perfect with black jeans. Perfect underneath jeans (fishnet tights). ALL ROUND PERFECT.

Similarly to the red gingham skirt gateway drug, find your outfit formula with fishnet socks and you’ll find yourself braving glitter socks, novelty socks, striped socks, odd socks. You do you and do it well. I’m all for the interesting socks this season.

Biker Jackets

Let’s all just take a second to show the old faithful, the leather biker jacket, some serious appreciation. Let’s also take a second to acknowledge how different a biker jacket draped over your shoulders as opposed to worn properly, can make an outfit look. I took to the draping look while in New York. I had been wearing the same old trainers, jeans and a t-shirt outfit (diff clothes, same formula) for a few days as comfort had taken prominence over style while walking around the city and I felt I needed to up my game somehow, show New York the respect it deserves and (try to) stop looking like such a boring tourist. It was a little change but it was enough to make me feel less like a tourist and much more confident.

It’s a look I’ve avoided for so long because to me, it’s negatively associated with being pretentious – something I don’t ever want to be and yes, it definitely made me a feel a little bit more like a somebody but I felt significantly better about myself, something a good outfit should always make you feel so I was willing to look pretentious for a day in a city where no-one new my name.


At this point, I think my addiction to pink clothing has reached a stage where it’s become alarming. What’s possibly more alarming is the fact that I have no idea how or when this happened. Over the weekend, I thought I would torture myself with a trip to Topshop. I did my usual scour of the shop floor, headed to the changing room with 101 items of clothing draped over my arm, locked the door behind me and when I turned around was met with a sea of pink. Dusty pink. Fuchsia. Bubblegum pink. Pink trousers. Pink skirts. Pink dress. Pink shoes. You name it, I had it. It was like Barbie had taken over my changing room.

Had you told me a year ago that I would pick pink as my colour of the season, I genuinely would have laughed in your face. This time a year ago it was a success to get me out of black let alone a colour that has the potential to be bright as pink can be.

Fun fact: I currently own enough pink items of clothing that I can do a separate wash cycle dedicated to them.

I’m not sorry.

Photos by Kellie Scott

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