4 Affordable Ways to Update Your Wardrobe For Spring



If you take a look back over my last few outfit posts, (here and here) they’ve got one thing in common – finding affordable ways to update my wardrobe as the new season approaches.

There’s a pressure within the fashion industry, whether thats blogging or working at a fashion magazine or PR company, to always have the newest, most ‘on trend’ clothes. It’s a pressure I feel predominantly within the blogging and social media world (ironic considering I talk so much about the Instagram comparison game.)

As for working within the fashion industry, the pressure comes more form outsiders rather than within the office. People assume that because you work in fashion, you have access to all of the best clothes and you have no excuse not to be wearing your best outfit at all times. That couldn’t be further from the truth.

At the end of the day, I’m an intern which can be pretty tough on the old financial front. Yes, I have financial support from my Mum which I’m very grateful for but as much as I might like to, I can’t ask my Mum to fund my (now much more tame) shopping addiction. In the last few months shopping has really had to take a backseat which isn’t ideal when you’re trying to keep up with everyone else’s amazing, ever evolving wardrobes but I’ve learnt a few tricks along the way that has helped me to bring old clothes to life and update my wardrobe.


So I’ve already covered making the most of hand me downs and borrowing from your boyfriend to update your look so it seems only fair that we target the friends list next. This time there’s something in it for you both.

You’re going on a night out, you’ve got nothing to wear but your best friend is the same size as you and she has that black lace dress that would look amazing with your new lipstick, you know the drill – time to raid their wardrobe. We’ve all been there. What if you could apply the same logic to your day to day wardrobe, landing yourself with three new outfits and not spending a dime? Gather up the girls (or the guys), gather up the clothes your bored of and organise a clothes swap. Everyone leaves with new clothes to get excited about and gets rid of the clothes dragging their wardrobe down. One girl’s trash is another girl’s treasure and all that.



Everything within this outfit post has been in my wardrobe for at least six months. This maxi dress? Bought it in September for my Dubai trip and lived in it while interning because it was the only thing I could keep cool in with the Middle Eastern heat. This leather jacket? Got it for Christmas at least two years ago and thanks to the removable collar, I was able to take it from winter warmer to spring staple in 30 seconds. The trainers? If you can’t see in the photo, these babies have been well worn in, worn daily on my recent trip to NYC, worn at least twice a week at work and good luck getting me out of them at the weekend. So far, they’ve stood the test of time and hopefully that’s how they’ll stay for a little longer.

One thing that is new to my wardrobe is this perfectly pink bag from KOKO Couture available at Topshop. Sometimes when it comes to updating your wardrobe it’s less about buying a whole new outfit and more about making good choices when buying new accessories. Every time I’ve felt the urge to go on a massive shopping spree, I’ve managed to calm the urge by thinking about my accessories. The key is choosing something versatile. It could be a pair of shoes, a new jacket or a new bag.

Firstly, let’s talk about the colour. Pink is taking over the nation at the moment. Put it down to us Millennials. Put it down to the cherry blossom filling our Instagram feeds but there’s no denying that pink is the ‘It’ colour this spring.

Now for the function. The beauty of this bag is that it can be worn as a clutch in the evening, a tiny tote during the day or cross body for venturing around the city. The choice is yours, ladies and gents. You’d be surprised how with the change of one item, you can create brand new looks without breaking the bank.


While you may feel yourself cracking under the pressure to stay on top of all the big trends, ruffles, pinks, gingham etc, you can easily keep your look on trend by paying attention to the little details. A personal favourite of mine is fishnet tights. Simply by layering fishnet tights underneath jeans or with a pair of heels, you bring a completely new dimension to an otherwise simple outfit. Apparently, I haven’t been able to just leave it at the fishnets. Sparkly socks do the same job as do patterned tights. Get creative and start thinking outside the box.


Never underestimate the power of a good charity shop spree. Almost everything comes back in style at some point or another and with current trends paying homage to the 80s and 90s, thrift shopping couldn’t be easier. With charity shops, you’re more likely to find unique items so it’s a great solution if you’re someone who is sick of everyone looking the same in that same sellout Missguided dress. If you’re looking in the right places you might even find the designer shoes of your dreams going at a tenth of the price.

With the right tricks on hand, it’s all much easier to fake a new season wardrobe than it seems.

Photos by Kellie Scott

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