Friday Favourites: 14th April 2017

It seems like a lifetime ago when I was in the thralls of a blogging routine, blogging twice daily at one stage. In reality it was only a few weeks ago. I don’t know exactly what to put it down to – work getting busier, freelance projects taking off or a lack of inspiration – whatever it was, it’s time to make a change, get things back into gear and get going with Niamh Serena again starting today with a Friday Favourites post. It’s hard to believe that the last one I did was the 3rd of March! While I may not have been publishing them on this little corner of the internet, there has still been plenty making me smile these last few weeks. So with that in mind, this post will include every little and large thing that’s got me smiling since my last post.


If you’ve managed to avoid the New York spam that is my Instagram account right now, nicely done. I’ve been dreaming about going to New York for the longest time – I think since around the age of 14 so to say that my New York trip was a dream come true would not only be a massive cliche but also a huge understatement. In the lead up to my trip people kept asking me was I excited and don’t get me wrong, the excitement levels were sky high but there was also a huge part of it that just felt so surreal. I genuinely felt like someone was going to turn around and say “ha ha, got you, you’re not really going to New York,” and I think it wasn’t until the second day of the top as I stood outside my beloved Carrie Bradshaw’s apartment and wandered around the West Village that it felt truly real.

The trip was one of the most magical, surreal trips I’ve ever been on and I’m still in denial that it’s over by keeping a constant flow of tea going in my I heart New York mug, rewatching footage on my camera and continuing to spam Instagram with photos of the trip – I’m not sorry about any of this.

Stay tuned for New York blog posts and plenty more chit chat about the trip (good luck trying to get any other kind of content out of me.)


 Intern Life

Very sadly, I’m over half way through my current internship. I can’t believe how quickly it’s going and can only hope that time slows down a little for the remainder. I’ve been given such great opportunities while I’ve been there and met some truly great people and just being in a magazine publishing environment on a daily basis has been amazing. While I don’t want to say too much (and I’m not sure what I can or can’t say), be sure to pick up this month’s issue of IMAGE magazine out later next week to see what I consider a pretty cool, exciting contribution from yours truly (mainly cool because I get to see my name in print).

Embracing life as a bookworm

I used to be the biggest bookworm, obsessing over books and being that kid who brings her book to the dinner table while on holiday. Over the last few years, that’s slipped away and as social media and addiction to my phone crept in, reading was sadly replaced. Since the start of this year, the bookworm inside me has returned with a vengeance and I’ve fallen in love with reading again. I forgot how good it feels to truly get lost in the story line of a good book and switch off from the world.

A few books I’ve been enjoying this year include:-

Currently reading:

Spring is on its way

There’s been a definite change in the air lately with Spring just around the corner. While technically it is spring already, the weather hasn’t quite made it’s mind up about it yet. Throughout winter, as everyone kept saying how they couldn’t wait for longer days and warmer weather, I sat here cosy-ed up in my dressing gown, enjoying a hot cup of tea under a blanket wondering what all of the fuss about spring was. It’s safe to say, now that it’s nearly here, I understand the hype and cannot comprehend what on earth I was thinking longing for winter to stick around a little longer. With a change of season it feels like a new start, a chance to get things going again and a fresh burst of motivation and energy. Suddenly, I don’t feel like wearing black anymore. I find myself sub-consciously dressing in pink, reaching for the blue jeans instead of the black and creating a wishlist the length of my arm of sunglasses and spring accessories I apparently need in my wardrobe. Spring has sprung and I’m all for it.

Falling in love with my Olympus Pen E-PL8

For a long time one of my goals with this blog has been to work on the visual content and improve the photography quality. Thanks to some very talented photographers (shout out to Kellie Scott and Alex of This Beautiful Moment Photography) I’ve been able to improve my instagram feed and outfit posts here on my website. While I wanted to work on the photography side of Niamh Serena for professional reasons, it was also a personal goal.

When it comes to blogging or creating content, my strengths lie in writing the content and putting the words together to create a somewhat comprehensible article. When it comes to the visual aspect of blogging, that’s where I get stuck in the rut of comparison. This side of creativity isn’t something that I feel comes naturally to me but everyone has to start somewhere, I guess. During my trip to New York and on a previous trip this year to London, I started playing around with my camera more and exploring the video features. I’m still getting to grips with it all and hoping that enough experimenting will help me to learn and improve my photography skills. As I was unpacking my hand luggage last night, I lifted out my camera and realised that I had genuinely enjoyed using it and having it with me on the trip. At times it did feel like a burden having to photograph everything and try and create some blog content but most of the time I enjoyed it and to me, that’s progress in itself. There are so many cool tricks and fancy gadgets out there that someday I hope to have the skills to manage!

I hope you all enjoy your long Easter weekend, eat plenty of chocolate and immerse yourself in some quality time with family and friends. I’m off to shoot some outfit pictures for future content, have a picnic in the park with school friends and a long overdue catch up with one of my best friends while dog sitting and making the most of time at home.

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