How To Make The Most Of Your Monday

You’re going to read a lot of books, articles, interviews etc that will tell you that provided you find a job you love, you’ll never have to work a day in your life. While I totally understand this and strive to reach level of career satisfaction in my life, I can’t envision a day when Sunday night fear doesn’t creep in and Monday mornings get any easier to face.

Morning person or no morning person, most people struggle with Monday’s even if it’s just briefly for the first half an hour as you process the fact that the weekend is gone again for another 5 days.

Mondays are for making life as easy and as painless as possible, seeking as much joy as we can as we ease ourselves back into routine. Try incorporating a few of the below suggestions to make the most of your Monday.

1.Dress to impress

While I try to take pride in what I wear every day (or as many days as possible) I apply this mantra to Mondays and Fridays in particular. Mondays for entering the week the best version of ourselvess (we all know our mood is much better when we like our outfits) and Fridays for dancing our way into a glamorous weekend.

Wear something new. Wear something dressier than normal. Wear something that you always feel confident in or an outfit that always reaps in the compliments. Just make sure you take the time to plan the outfit the night before in order to enjoy additional precious moments in bed first thing Monday morning. Unnecessary stress is the last thing you need on a Monday morning. Trust me.

2. Organise a treat for yourself

Again this is something I apply to my Fridays too although I try to alternate which day I choose in an attempt to save some money. Factor in some me time and treat yourself to a nice lunch or call your best friend to meet you on your break. Organise a date with your boyfriend after work. A trip to the cinema or a table at that restaurant you’ve been dying to try will give you something to look forward to throughout the day, help you justify your “dress to impress” approach and make Monday feel much less Monday. Having something to look forward to should lessen your Sunday blues.

3. Get stuck in

Use everybody else’s Monday lull in the office to your advantage and get stuck into your workload. Start your day with a to do list of all of the tasks you need to complete this week, prioritise and get going. It becomes a bit of a vicious cycle once you start getting through the list. The satisfaction you get from crossing something off your list gets a little addictive and before you know it you’ve got yourself into a productive Monday groove.

4. Make the most of your commute

I’m a serious creature of habit and work much better when I have a routine in order. Every morning I catch up on my favourite YouTube channels while getting ready, I then walk to work with my flask of tea listening to a good podcast usually about entrepreneurs or interviews with strong businesswomen. Upon arrival to the train station I squeeze in some reading time, something I’ve really been enjoying lately. By the time I’ve reached the office I’ve already taken the time to do the things that I enjoy, adding as much joy to my mornings as possible. Seek out the little things you enjoy most and see how you can incorporate them into your morning routine or commute.

5. Use your Sundays to their full advantage

Sunday is a day for organising and prepping for the week ahead so use the day wisely to do all of the mundane chores. I use my Sundays for shooting outfits for my blog, prepping posts and scheduling social media. Spend your Sunday wisely and you’ll really thank yourself later. Do your food shop and prep for as much of the week as you can and pack your lunch the night before. Do all of your washing and tidy your room. Starting the week on a clean and organised note is much easier than dealing with mess hanging over you for the day.

Hopefully these few tips will help lighten the load this Monday and in due course we’ll all start enjoying Mondays much more. What are your tips for making the most of a Monday?

Photos by Alex of This Beautiful Moment Photography

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