#TuesdayShoesday: Why I’m Embracing Kitten Heels

For as long as I can remember I’ve always wanted to be the kind of girl who can wear heels every day. Pre-hip replacement my Mum was one of these women. She’s still just as glam minus the heels. My mum has one of the most impressive, beautiful, absolute dream shoe wardrobe and I’ve longed to be able to dip my toes into it and borrow them for years. Sadly, she’s a size 6 while I’m a size 4 on a good day.

I remember one of my friends in primary school (she was a cool kid, I was not – still not sure what made her adopt me) always had the coolest shoe collection of all of my friends. She was the youngest and only girl of the family and so as you can imagine, was treated like some sort of precious stone. I remember going to her house one day and playing dress up with her clothes. I tried on these heeled brown boots and fell in love instantly. She took pity on me and allowed me to keep them – apparently my first ever pair of treasured shoes were a pair she would have thrown out otherwise. I brought them home and my parents were having none of it. Looking back now, of course they weren’t. I was 11. My little sister is 15 and even now I think I would struggle to allow her to wear heels.

Fast forward a few years and aged 14 I’m going to see The Script with my friend Clara. Clara was also one of those friends with a shoe collection I was envious of. Again, I fell in love with a pair of her heels that she let me borrow for the evening. I couldn’t walk in said heels. Said heels did not go with my outfit. I wore said heels anyway. I’m pretty sure we then ended up spending a lot of the evening switching shoes every so often and if memory serves me right Clara wasn’t quite a pro at heels yet either but was significantly more talented than I was.

Somewhere between 14 and 18, I accepted that heels take practice for people with little legs like mine and took a different approach as wedges began infiltrating my wardrobe. The patience soon wore off and I was back to obsessing over stiletto high heels, a far cry from comfort and a far cry from safe. It was my 18th birthday and my mum and I had been doing the then annual birthday shopping trip. I spied these metallic pink, barely there high heeled sandals in my beloved Kurt Geiger and was instantly sold. I insisted on wearing them that evening when going for cocktails with mum and family friends. Big mistake. You’d think I would have learned by now that heels aren’t my friend just yet. I’m still that uncool kid in the playground who has to grow up a bit and earn their respect before heels make themselves comfortable in my wardrobe (and on my feet).

In the mean time I’ve discovered a love for kitten heels which thankfully for me have become a big trend for the upcoming season. The Dior pair are of course a thing of dreams but for now I’ve been able to hunt out my little nude slingbacks that have been hidden in my wardrobe for a few years now, reserved for singing recitals and summer events when I needed a little height but couldn’t handle “real” heels.

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while you’ll know that I’m big into comfort. I love that kitten heels help make a sophisticated style look professional, well put together and elegant while keeping comfort (and practicality) at the forefront. Even better, throw them on with a pair of jeans and a top and you’ve got feminine, smart casual look nailed.

Where to buy your own to get in on the trend? Easy, check out the edit below and get heel happy.

JEMMA Point Mid Heel Court Shoes, £59 at Topshop

MALBEC Sock Boots, £79 at Topshop

Suede Mules, £85 at Uterque

Slingbacks, £19.99 at H&M

Photos by Alex of This Beautiful Moment Photography

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