International Women’s Day 2017: Why Women Everywhere Are Wearing Red To Show Their Support

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know that tomorrow, March 8th, marks International Women’s Day.

As explained on their website, International Women’s Day “celebrates the social, economic, cultural and political achievement of women.” Celebrating and acknowledging this day will always be important but this year, it feels more significant, emotional and poignant than ever. While International Women’s Day resonates with every country, minority, group and individual for different reasons, on a global basis it’s a chance for us to not only reflect but join together to take action in order to make this world a much more equal and fair place for all to live and work in.


The same women who brought us the Women’s March following Trump’s inauguration have organised A Day Without A Woman, a chance to “act together for equity, justice and human rights of women and all gender-oppressed people through a one day demonstration of economic solidarity.” Although deemed as an Anti-Trump protest to an extent, the event is open to anyone, anywhere as a way to recognise the massive value that women bring to society while still receiving lower wages and being subject to gender inequality. Anyone can take part in A Day Without A Woman in any of the following ways:

  1. Taking the day from paid and unpaid labour
  2. Avoid spending money for one day (with exceptions for small, women and minority owned businesses)
  3. Wearing red in solidarity with A Day Without A Woman


While I won’t be taking the day off from work I will be wearing red to show my solidarity and support for the movement. Red symbolises resistance, revolt, revolution. Fashion gets an unfair reputation for being trivial and superficial but it deserves much more respect as a credible platform to raise your voice in political and social issues like these. Over the course of the last few seasons we’ve seen fashion take on the political world weapons raised with fashion houses from Dior to Prabal Gurung using their voice for all that it’s worth in a protest against today’s political climate. More so than ever feminism is staking its claim in the fashion world so this International Women’s Day it’s time to say it loud and proud, wearing your support for feminism on your sleeve.


PETITE Red Vinyl Jamie Jeans, £55 at Topshop

**Pussy Cat Red Faux Leather Crop Top by WYLDR, £26 at Topshop

Red Metallic Backpack by Hype, £30 at Topshop 

Tie Bandeau Jumpsuit, £59 at Topshop

KARPENTER Loafers, £45 at Topshop

Slim Fit Double Breasted Coat, £59 at Topshop

Red Leather Look Zip Skirt, £32 at River Island

Red Floral Print Frill Blouse, £25 at River Island

Red Contrast Striped Hooded Sweater Dress, £20 at Missguided

Red Popper Front Detail Wide Leg Trousers, £28 at Missguided

Photos by Alex of This Beautiful Moment Photography

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