The One Accessory I Can’t Live Without This Season

While at school there was nothing I hated more than carrying around my goofy looking backpack. Every August, when summer was coming to an end and my Mum and I (siblings in tow) traipsed around doing the annual back-to-school shop. I persistently begged my Mum to let me get a fashionable oversized handbag like the cool girls had, to use for my school bag. First of all I was not a cool girl and I should have known that dressing like one wasn’t about to elevate me to popularity. Second of all, I should have known then that as always, Mum knows best and backpacks were the way to go.

Fast forward a few years and you’ll be lucky to see me going anywhere without my backpack. Ever since starting my new internship in January, I’ve yet to be separated from my beloved Stradivarius backpack. I’m one of those people who packs everything but the kitchen sink into their handbag and I quickly realised that a 25 minute walk from my house to the station and back in the evenings with a heavy handbag thrown over my shoulder really wasn’t doing my back any favours.

Enter the backpack.

After about two weeks of constant back pain I decided enough was enough, headed to Stradivarius and grabbed the only backpack they had left in stock at the time (this was bang in the middle of the January sales so stock was fairly low). Covered in badges and embellishments I initially only intended for the backpack to be a ‘starter’, something that would do until I could afford a more sophisticated one but I’ve grown to love my studded backpack, using it every day rather than just for work as originally intended.

It makes most things so much easier. Your hands are free so shopping is made easier, transport is made easier and general moving is made so much easier. It’s also taught me to carry less and only carry the essentials – the sizing of the bag allows me to carry my notebook for work, blog notebook and a book along with snacks (very essential), my purse and all the little bits and pieces you keep stored in your handbag for emergencies.

I’ve got the practicality locked down but still working on the cool girl aesthetic. Some day…

Shop my favourite backpacks


West 57th Centennial Stripe Travel Backpack, £375.42 at Henri Bendel

Zip pebbled Backpack, £29.99 at Mango

adidas Originals Adicolour Classic Mini Black Backpack, £33 at Urban Outfitters

Trefoil Backpack by adidas Originals, £22 at Topshop

Nylon Backpack, £25.99 at Stradivarius

Photos by Alex of This Beautiful Moment Photography

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