Friday Favourites: 17th February 2017

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Not only is today Friday but it’s also the beginning of the weekend that I get to see Drake live! You have no idea how many exclamation marks that I wanted to put after that sentence but it was a little too reminiscent of those embarrassing posts from family members who get over excited about everything. To be fair, I will probably be that family member in 20 years time…

Seeing Drake on Sunday night isn’t the only thing that’s been spurring me on this week. So in my usual Friday manner, here is my Friday Favourites round up for the week.

1. Adele sharing the Beyonce love at the Grammy’s

It was a little bitter sweet seeing Adele win over Beyonce for album of the year. As much as I love Adele, Beyonce will always win in my eyes. There was a lot of controversy, some harsher than others, about Adele’s move to literally share her award with Beyonce by splitting it in half (am I the only one concerned about how she’s going to fix the Grammy or if she’ll have to pay to replace it?????) but all in all we need to take a second to appreciate and celebrate women supporting one another.

2. Fashion media overload

The fashion hype in the media was crazy this week with both Valentine’s Day, the Grammy’s, BAFTA’s and New York Fashion week to cover. It meant a lot of outfit envy and inspiration though and almost every lunch time this week was spent scrolling through Instagram feeds and online galleries of the best dressed at each event. I only managed to cover the Grammy’s best dressed with you can catch up on here if you missed it. The street style from New York Fashion week was easily my favourite of all the galleries. Every city has a different feel during fashion week but New York’s style speaks to me the most and believe me, my shopping list for the new season just got a whole lot longer.

3. Going to bed with wet hair

Sometimes it’s just the little things in life that bring happiness. One of those little things this week was going to bed with wet hair. Say what you want about the health dangers associated with this but I’ve been going to bed with wet hair for years and never once caught a cold or got sick from doing so. Us Crawford-Walker girls being the dare devils we are go one step further and even go out into the cold with wet hair – I know, WILD. As much as I love all of my hair products and stand by them for helping me to tame my curls, sometimes my best bet for frizz free (ish) curls is to just go to bed with wet hair and let it dry as I sleep without putting any product into it. It saves me so much time when I’m tired in the evenings and I actually find my curls last longer this way. Win, Win.

4. The Hills

Ah, good ol’ LC and Whit. They’ve stood by me through the good and the bad. I actually would go so far as to say that The Hills is tied with Sex and The City in terms of my most watched series. I obsessively watch them both on loop. When I watch one the whole way through, I restart the other one and so on. I did veer away from them both to watch Gossip Girl start to finish recently but that was pretty radical behaviour from me. Gossip Girl, The Hills and Sex and the City – could I be bigger cliche?!

The reason I like watching them on repeat is because I enjoy having background noise on when I’m working or getting ready and because I’ve seen The Hills so many times (I could probably quote most of the series) it doesn’t distract me from what I’m doing and just serves the purpose of keeping me company while I work. Lauren was also an editorial intern, working her way up the career ladder. Starting at Teen Vogue she was always destined for pretty decent things in the media and fashion world and has since gone on to start her own successful lifestyle websites and has her own clothing lines. So in a way, watching The Hills is a little bit of superficial motivation for me and a reminder that everyone starts somewhere even if their internship was set up by MTV for filming purposes or not, it makes me feel a little better.

There we have it, another week done and dusted. The evenings are getting so much brighter and spring is on its way already. Where is the time going? Now I’m off to spend a weekend planning my trip to New York and fan girling over Drake.

Enjoy your weekend!

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