30 Little Things That Mean The Most In A Relationship

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Valentine’s Day is a great excuse to get dolled up and head out for a big date night but it doesn’t have to be about the big gestures. While I love going on dates, Valentine’s Day is all about celebrating love, not spending money. This Valentine’s Day I asked those around me to think about the little things they love about their relationships because sometimes it’s the little things that mean the most and that’s something that should never be overlooked. Take a second to appreciate that cup of tea your other half brought you without you asking or the fact that he’s spent the day shopping with you when he could be sat at home watching the rugby all afternoon.

When I first asked friends and family about the little things in their relationships that they loved – romantic gestures, inside jokes or little traditions that they have with their partner – almost every person looked at me with confusion. Off the top of their head none of them could think of any and almost all of them died of embarrassment in advance from any suggestion that their relationship might be in any way romantic. Others went straight in with example after example, gushing about how romantic their partner is. While the former took a little more warming up to the idea, once I got them talking, I struggled to shut them up again.

It was so heart warming reading everyone’s different contributions to the post. At one point while reading through messages received I caught myself grinning at my phone, unable to hide how cute I found them all. Me and my S.O don’t have an overly soppy, lovey-dovey relationship and as much as I might joke about wanting more attention or affection, I honestly wouldn’t have it any other way. I can’t speak on behalf of my boyfriend but I know that at least for me, it’s the little things that bring the most romance to my relationship and remind me exactly why we’re together. Sometimes your girlfriend or boyfriend may not even realise how much you love the little things that they do for you on a regular basis. I mean, I wouldn’t say no to any romantic grand gesture. Cringe in a corner? Maybe. But I can’t deny that part of me would love every moment.

Below are all of the entries I received. Each one has been afforded anonymity for those of us that would rather die than tell their boyfriend something they like about them. You know, gotta at least try to play it cool…

“The other day he sent me videos of his meal prep along with bloopers of spilling seasoning all over the room. Best lunch time entertainment ever.”

“She keeps me colour coordinated with my outfits.”

“He always buys me flowers. We’re talking the £3 bunch from Tesco but even still, he knows how much I love flowers and when he notices a bunch dying, he’ll go out and get a replacement bunch and put them in a jug for me coming home.”

“Sometimes he calls me on his drive home from uni and fills me in on his week. It’s always nice to hear his voice and it makes me feel like I’ve done the car journey with him.”

“We don’t really do big gestures. I guess it’s more the simple things for us. He’s always making me laugh, doesn’t take himself seriously at all. We’re talking silly dancing and singing here… He doesn’t make me drive places (usually) as he knows I hate it. He pays most of the time unless I really protest and brings me snacks whenever I’m grumpy which is always important.”

“We’ve been together almost a year and a half and he always opens and holds doors for me every time without fail.”

“She always lets me watch the football in peace and still sits in the room with me even though she hates it.”

“We don’t have many traditions but on Christmas Eve night we meet up and visit each of our families together and make sure we see each other at midnight on Christmas Eve. We’ve been doing that since we first got together a few years ago.”

“When he’s leaving my house he makes my bed for me even though he’s not benefitting from it.”

“We go on a date night every Tuesday that we’re in the same country. We get all dressed up and take it in turns to pay.”

“One time he hid about 30 kinder eggs all around my room and I was finding them for weeks afterwards.”

“She’s always patient with me when I say no as she knows I’ll come round eventually.”

“He always leaves me a cute letter hidden in my room or handbag after we see each other.”

“He fixes my car all the time which is a God send because I haven’t got a clue.”

“He taught me how to put water in my car. I was embarrassed that after having my car for 4 years I still didn’t know how to do it but I knew he was the one person I could ask who wouldn’t make fun of me for it. Even though he makes fun of me for everything else I know I can always ask him the stupid questions I’m too embarrassed to ask anyone else.”

“She always takes my hand when we’re out walking anywhere, even just down the street.”

“I’m not supposed to eat dairy and I hate being denied a cup of tea when I go to his house. The other day he bought lactose free milk when doing his weekly shop so that I could have tea when I come over. He said he only bought it because it was on offer but either way, it made my day.”

“He takes all of my photos for blogging even though he hates it and he actually isn’t too bad at it. We always argue when it comes to photos but we quickly make up.”

“I love when we order Chinese together. We’re both so indecisive so we always check with each other what we’re both having before we can order so we’re both a nightmare in a restaurant but we always share our food because of the indecisiveness.”

“I love the fact that we both fell in love with red wine one day at my friend’s wedding about 6 months ago. Now every time we head away somewhere we always ask to try some red wine and that’s our little thing – having a bottle of red wine with dinner because we never would have drunk it until that day last year.”

“One time he sang me a soppy song when he was drunk and told me he wrote it himself. Turns out it was actually a song from the 70s…”

“When I’m painting he brings me hot water and cups of tea pretty much every hour.”

“The other day he gave me and my granny a lift. He double parked but still got out and ran around to help her into the van and did the same when she got out. I didn’t even prompt him, he just did it. It was so heartwarming.”

“Every morning he brings me up tea and toast to eat while I get ready.”

“On cold nights he lies on my side of the bed while I’m brushing my teeth to warm it up for me.”

“He always walks on the outside/roadside when we’re walking down the street.”

“Checks me in for flights even if he isn’t coming with me”

“She always buys me a fridge magnet to remind me of where we’ve been together.”

“My husband always puts euro coins in my purse for parking when I have meetings in Dublin as he knows I’ll forget to take any.”

I’m going to end this note with the fact that my Granda has been making my Granny her Horlicks every single night for the last 62 years. Old couples are the cutest and always will be.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Photos by Kellie Scott

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