Friday Favourites: 10th February 2017

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This week feels like it’s been the longest week in history and boy am I glad to see Friday. It’s been a week spent in baggy jumpers, clinging on to every last minute in bed and making lots of future plans in my head.

Last week’s Friday Favourites didn’t happen along with several other blog posts due to celebrating my 21st (more on that later). I decided to take time to enjoy myself, pay attention to however I felt like spending my free time and took some pressure off myself in terms of blogging everyday. But enough rambling, these are the things I’ve been loving over the last two weeks.

1.Birthday weekend

As mentioned above, last week marked my 21st birthday, last Friday to be exact. I’m pretty sure that a lot of the necessity to stay as cosy and comfortable as possible this week is largely due to the birthday comedown I’m experiencing. Let’s be honest, it’s always a bit of a sad time when you realise your birthday is done and dusted for another year.

It was definitely a busy one this year, trying to fit everything in but in the end I managed to spend my birthday celebrating in every way that I wanted.

Friday was spent chilling in front of the tv with a bottle of wine and a Chinese with my boyfriend.

Saturday kicked off in the best possible way, meeting my uni best friend at the airport after not seeing each other for a long 6 months and then ended on high with a night out in Belfast, a drunken stop at McDonald’s and an educational ride home with Taxi man Mark.

Sunday was spent recovering and enjoying the company of my family and of course my lovely little dog while feasting on my birthday meal of choice – chicken goujons and chips (I’m still working on eating like an adult). Then it was back to Dublin for plenty of sleep in preparation for what would turn out to be a very long week ahead.

2. New Podcasts

I mentioned in a previous Friday Favourites how I’ve become really obsessed with podcasts. Well, the obsession continues. First thing in the morning when I’m walking into work, I’m just not ready to deal with music. I like that podcasts feel like you’re having a conversation with people and they just really grab my attention so much more than music does these days. Very weirdly, I can’t remember the last time I put my earphones in and chose to listen to music.

Anyway, the obsession has become so significant that I keep running out of podcasts to listen to and then have to wait a week or sometimes two until the next one of the series is released. The positive side to this means that I’ve ended up finding some really good new ones. At the moment, my podcast genre of choice is very much driven by feminist podcasts, fashion focused podcasts and my current favourite genre is probably career/entrepreneurial podcasts. It makes sense then that this week’s discoveries, Lady Lovin’ and Million$ have become two of my favourites since a lot of their episodes combine all three of these genres.

If you haven’t listened to them already, look them up and give them a listen. Equally, I’m constantly on the hunt for some new ones to listen to so would love to hear any recommendations you have.


In 2016 I didn’t make any New Year’s Resolutions. I just wasn’t really feeling it at the time and having just dropped out of uni a few months prior to it I was still very lost and finding my feet with absolutely no idea what I wanted. The only thing I was sure about was that I wanted to go to New York. The New York obsession was born, very stereotypically through a serious Sex and The City addiction, more recently followed by a Gossip Girl obsession. So as we welcomed 2016, the only goal I set was to get to New York by the end of the year. Sadly, I didn’t achieve my one goal…

Like most things in life, my Mum jumped in to save the day, suggesting that my 21st birthday present would be a trip to NYC. I honestly thought I had died and gone to heaven. Had it been left to me and my financial situation combined with lack of ability to save, it would have been years before I could afford to get to New York. After a lot of talking about it, a lot of coordinating dates and a little bit of stress, my trip to New York is booked and come April 7th, that’s where you’ll find me for 5 whole days. Time to get planning all of the fun activities. I CAN’T WAIT.

4. Sweet Potato Fries

This week I discovered the beauty of Strong Roots Sweet Potato Fries. Normally I’m not a huge fan of sweet potato fries. I like them but wouldn’t go out of my way to order them. Given that there was an awful lot of bad eating last week and an awful lot of ignoring the fact that gluten and dairy don’t agree with me, this week I really wanted to make an effort to eat well. I’m by no means a health expert or to be honest, in any way healthy so the first step for me this week was getting back on track with avoiding dairy and gluten.

While I was in Dubai I ate so well and didn’t go near dairy or gluten products and honestly I felt significantly better all the time. The last week or two consisted of a very carb heavy, pasta, takeaway, awful diet so this week my diet needed more effort put in.

I’m aware that I’ve just made it sound as if I followed a really incredibly healthy diet all week when all I did was buy a bag of chips…a healthier option but still chips. Anyway, buy these, they’re life changing and cut perfectly skinny and nicely crispy and that’s everything I’ve got to say on the matter.

I’m now off to enjoy a weekend with my favourite person exploring Dublin and cosying up. Have a good weekend.

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