Friday Favourites: 20th January 2017


Disclaimer: First up, yes I’m aware that it’s not Friday. 

Secondly, yes I did write this post and then forget to press publish. It was one very sleepy Friday night when I was writing this. I didn’t want to abandon the post completely so have published a slightly edited version of Friday Favourites, a round up of everything that made my life a little more jolly last week.

As I sat down to write this post I suddenly realised that I have no idea where this week went. It seems to have flown by in the blink of eye which only made putting this post together more difficult because in order to write a Friday Favourites post about my favourite things in the week gone by, it would really help if I could remember what actually happened this week. The more I thought about it, a hell of a lot happened and I have no idea how I managed to fit it all in. Probably because I only published 2 (3 if you count this one) out of 5 blog posts this week…oops. This week’s lesson is to be more organised when I know I won’t have time to blog.

This week was a much better week for me in terms of mood and anxiety. I still don’t feel completely myself but we’re getting there. There’s been a lot of adjusting going on since the start of the month and I’m only just starting to get my head around it all. New beginnings are a lot harder than they’re made out to be but life would be boring without a few challenges and usually the end result is worth every struggle.

This week may have been better than the last but it’s just as important to acknowledge and remember the things that made you smile and save those little memories for a rainy day.

1.Graham Norton show

One of my absolute favourite things about this week was that content for the next Friday Favourites came to me almost immediately after hitting publish on last week’s post. Friday nights curled up with the dog on my knee, surrounded by my family with lots of tea and Graham Norton keeping us all laughing. It doesn’t happen very often but when it does, this kind of set up fills me with so much joy.

This time around the guests made it all so much better. Watching Emma Stone crushing on La La Land co-star Ryan Gosling for the entire show couldn’t have been more endearing. To make things even better, Sienna Miller and Emma had the nicest little girl crush bond going on too. In a really embarrassing way, I realised about 15 minutes into the show that I had been sitting there with a massive grin on my face while watching the show and if that doesn’t qualify as a Friday Favourite then I don’t know what does.

2. Breaking out of my comfort zone

As I mentioned, new beginnings aren’t easy. They’re something I don’t properly think through until I’m actually in the situation which is probably a good thing. Otherwise I would overthink things in my usual manner, talk myself out of it and miss out on so much.

One of the hardest things about moving to a new city is not knowing anyone. I thankfully had the safety net of knowing two girls who live in Dublin already but they already have their lives here and I don’t want to infringe on that too much. Thankfully, in today’s day and age groups and apps such as GirlCrew exist. GirlCrew is set up to help people like me who have moved to somewhere new and don’t know anyone to make friends. It’s used by so many to expand their friendship groups whether they’re new to a city or not. I had joined the Belfast group a few months ago following on from when I dropped out of uni, but I never braved actually using it. Suddenly thrown in the deep end and not knowing anyone in a new city, I couldn’t be more thankful that this group exists. So I swallowed my pride, wrote a cringey introductory post and waited to see what happened. The replies rolled in and everyone was so friendly and helpful.

This week I took the plunge and met up with one of the girls from the group for a quick coffee after work. I’m so glad I did because she turned out to be so lovely and chatty. Things are looking up on the not being a loner front! Plus a certain someone said they were proud of me and who doesn’t like hearing that?

3. Birthday plans

Usually I am obsessed with my birthday (3rd Feb, mark it in your diaries, send me some flowers or puppies) and start the countdown the second that Christmas is over and done with. This year for some reason I just wasn’t into it. It’s still 2 weeks away but people have been asking me how I plan to spend my 21st since November, believe it or not. It’s been a busy few months so in my head it’s still around October time and my birthday is months away. Reality check Niamh, definitely not October. Birthdays can bring a lot of stress and this year I just couldn’t be bothered to plan or think about what I wanted to do. Thankfully, last week the birthday plans were finalised and my 21st is looking pretty damn good.

Firstly, my best friend from uni booked her flights over for the occasion and even as writing this I’m really struggling to fight the urge to happy dance around the room. We haven’t seen each other since June and even though we talk every day and FaceTime regularly, words can’t describe how excited I am to see her (insert internal excited screaming).

Then we (we being two of my gal pals from school who also have 21sts that week) finally agreed on and booked a table for our birthday dinner. A girly night with all of my old school friends, amazing food and a lot of wine – it’s a yes from me. Roll on February 3.

4. Work, Work, Work, Work, Work

Last week was pretty exciting and hopefully progressive on the work front. One of the things that I really struggle with when interning is knowing how well I’m doing. I can never work out just how well things are going. Particularly in the fashion industry, interns come and go a lot so when I start a new internship I can’t help but think about whether I’m doing enough to stand out from the other interns in the past or present.

This week I was given my own project to work on and had the chance to interview someone for a feature in the magazine. The second that my editor asked me if I was interested in doing some writing, I think my entire face must lit up. It was amazing to be given the responsibility of carrying out the interview, writing it up and editing it in a way that I felt readers would enjoy. I loved being able to get out and meet people and explore Dublin a little and I couldn’t have asked for a better person to be my first interviewee.

The day after carrying out the interview I also got the chance to work at my first event for the company. The event was being held in a beautiful hotel in the city centre of Dublin. It’s been a while since I’ve had the chance to work at an event and the events side of this internship is what made the internship stand out to me more than others so I was buzzing to be asked to help out.

On top of all of that, the magazine went to press last week so a busy week has made for a short Friday Favourites post. I spent the weekend at home again, filled with a day of pampering at Bill Harris hair dressers (finally got my colour done) and nights out with friends. Stay tuned for the next Friday Favourites to hear all about them.

Photos by Kellie Scott

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