Top Tips For The Lazy Girl Who Loves Fashion

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Confession time: I’m incredibly lazy. 

If my family are reading this, this isn’t anywhere near a surprising revelation. In fact, if you know me in any way then you know it’s not really much a revelation at all. I mean, in my defence, it’s not really a trait that affects all aspects of my life. When it comes to work, I’m definitely not lazy and I make a conscious effort to try and give working my all – particularly when participating in the stream of internships that I’ve done over the last year where being on your best behaviour and working hard is required if you want to make it past the intern stage.

But when it comes to tidying? Lazy.

Cleaning? Lazy.

Getting up an hour earlier? Lazy.

Getting ready for work in the morning? Lazy – sometimes.

With that in mind, I hate having to compromise my style for anything and maybe I’m completely kidding myself but I’m assuming I’m not the only one out there who feels this way?

Obviously, there are times when our sense of style and level of laziness clash (with style losing out to comfort and ease 9 times out of 10 unfortunately). There are times when all you want to do is throw on your jeans and a hoodie and there’s nothing wrong with that, we all have those days. But in order to minimise these days in favour of looking your best while putting in minimum effort, I’ve put together my top tips for making being on trend as easy (and as comfortable) as possible.

1.Preparation is key

For us lazy girls, this tip is probably the toughest one to comprehend but like most things in life, preparation is everything despite the fact that, off the bat this seems completely against the message behind this post. If you think about it, yes it will take some effort the night before but what’s 5 minutes out of your evening when it means you could get an extra 10-15 minutes in bed the next morning? Think of it that way and it suddenly seems much more achievable. Realistically, you would probably be spending those 5 minutes that you’ve sacrificed the night before scrolling through your phone until you fall asleep anyway so you may as well do something productive with that time.

Added bonus – Very few of us are at our most creative first thing in the morning so you’ll end up with a much better outfit by planning it the night before. You have more time to really take in what’s in your wardrobe and think about which clothes work best together.

2. Dresses + Jumpsuits = The Lazy Girl’s Best Friend

Anything all in one and I’m sold. When it comes to dresses or jumpsuits, all you have to think about is the shoes. The outfit is sorted in one fell swoop and your job is done within 30 seconds. Dresses and jumpsuits make for really versatile outfit options so if you’re faced with the situation of attending post work drinks, you can go from day at the desk to night on the town with a swift change of shoes and minimal luggage to cart into work with you. Win, Win.

3. Adopt and “Easy on, easy off” Mantra

If it takes more than 3 seconds to get off, it’s a no from me. Although, you can make exceptions, especially with the classic white shirt and its quirky cousin, the deconstructed shirt both making such a massive comeback this season. Who am I to judge if you want to pre-button your shirt so you only have to slip it over your head? I won’t tell anyone. Whatever makes getting dressed easier in the morning, I’m on board with.

4. Get app happy

Remember that insanely cool wardrobe system that Cher Horowitz had going on in Clueless? Not only did it take organisation to the next level with her clothes organised by colour, season and type of clothing but she also had a pretty fancy computer programme that helped her to choose her outfits every day. Thankfully in this day and age, the much coveted system by girls everywhere since the 1990s cult film was released has been replicated through various apps. Closet Track, Glamoutfit and ClosetSpace alike are 3 downloads you need to investigate ASAP.

5. Establish a uniform

British Vogue’s Fashion Features Director, Sarah Harris talks a lot about the importance of creating a uniform for yourself. Yes, fashion is about experimentation, something I’ve touched on in previous blog posts, but sometimes, for the sake of ease during the working week, it can be much easier to stick to an outfit formula that you know you can trust to look great no matter what. Even if it’s not your go-to outfit every day, it’s still useful to fall back on when you’re seriously lacking in inspiration for what to wear.

It might revolve around a certain palette, certain shapes or specific items of clothing. Your uniform is whatever you want it to be. Think of the different occasions that you need an outfit for – workwear, casual, night out, fancy dinner – and always have something prepared to fall back on.

As confessed at the beginning of this post, laziness is a massive weakness of mine so anything that will make my life easier while trying to remain my most fashionable self is something I want to hear about. I’d love to hear any tips you have for the lazy girl who loves fashion.

Photos by Kellie Scott

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