Impractical Trends I Continue to Love and Wear

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I love fashion. I love it for it’s art. I love it for making me feel better on bad days. I love it for making me laugh, for making me smile, for making me happy. I love it for accepting me for who I am. I love it for always giving me the space I need, when I need it and for always welcoming me back with open arms when I’m ready to come home. But when it comes down to it, the thing that I love it for the most is it’s ridiculousness. Even though we’ve had our hard times, I’ll never leave fashion and I hope it will never leave me. I know that when all else fails, fashion will always be there.

Fashion doesn’t always make sense, especially when our first impression of new season trends comes from catwalk imagery from fashion week. High fashion in particular is ridiculous. I would love to be able to see inside top designer’s minds as they’re putting together their new collections because sometimes the trends that emerge from their shows are just massively inconsiderate for us ‘normal’ people and also incredibly impractical. In reality, I have no one to blame but myself because even though I know certain trends are uncomfortable and impractical, I continuously buy into them and wear them on repeat.

Bell Sleeved tops

A trend that aesthetically I really love but in reality their level of practicality is pretty low. Just the other day I was wearing my favourite H&M Ruffled blouse and was sitting in Costa doing some work, reached over to lift my coffee and of course dipped the sleeves into the coffee.


Thankfully the stain came out but I was so terrified that I wouldn’t be able to get it out and the top would be ruined. To be fair it was only £14.99 and at the end of the day, it’s only a top but I’ve got so much wear out of it and it’s such an easy outfit to have in my wardrobe that I would have been devastated if I had ruined it. I’ve learned my lesson since then and now make sure to tie my sleeves up before eating or drinking while wearing the blouse. I look totally ridiculous sitting at the dinner table or in public with my sleeves being held up by hair bobbles. It definitely takes away from the look and I’m aware how ridiculous it seems but yet I continue to insist on wearing it in the name of fashion.


Mom Jeans = bloated & uncomfortable. I was one of the last of my friends to get onto this trend, mainly due to short stumpy legs and the struggle to find mom jeans that didn’t highlight this. I remember they all used to chat about the jeans and how uncomfortable they were and collectively sitting with their jeans unbuttoned any time we sat down to relax. At the time I really didn’t get it and struggled to understand how a pair of jeans could be so uncomfortable.

That was until I bought a pair myself. Then I completely got it and yet continued to buy more mom jeans and now own at least 3 in different hues of denim.

The same goes for high waisted skinny jeans. On the one hand they make your bum look great and the fit is really flattering but on the other hand, they are the most painful pair of jeans to wear if you’re having a remotely bloated day. And if you weren’t bloated when you put them on that morning then you certainly will be by the time you take them off.

They’re so high waisted that any movement that doesn’t involve standing up straight all day and not sitting down feels as though your tummy is being strangled with the grip tightening the longer you wear them.

And yet we all continue to wear them…

Fishnet Socks

This is more of a recent thing for me because I’ve only just become obsessed with adding fishnet socks to any outfit I possibly can.

For one, as a pair of socks they don’t perform to a satisfactory level in any way other than looking cool (debatable depending on your style).

I don’t cope well being cold and as someone who feels the cold a lot, I’m constantly on the hunt for things that will keep me as cosy as possible (you can check out my guide to a cosy January here). Now, fishnet socks are basically a piece of string put together to make a pretty pattern on your foot – they’re covered in holes! So if logic played any part in my dressing for the day, I would know to stay away from these socks. And yet I don’t. And then I wonder why I can’t warm up for the rest of the day and can’t work out why my feet are so cold.

Secondly, they’re kind of uncomfortable. Again, with the holes – your big toe will stick out. Your other toes will also stick out. You know when you get a hole in the feet of your tights and it kind of cuts the circulation off in your big toe for a while? (Hopefully it’s not just me that gets this) That’s how you’ll feel pretty much all the time when wearing fishnet socks or tights for that matter. They also end up hurting the soles of your feet and I’m not going to lie, when possible to keep it hidden I now wear another pair of socks over the fishnet socks if I know I have to do a lot of walking around that day.

Even though I’m completely aware that each of these trends to some are more trouble than they’re worth. I’m aware of how uncomfortable they are and as a whole, how impractical they are. Even still, they’re all elements of some of my favourite outfits and I will continue to wear and love each and every one of them. Even after writing and publishing this post I know I will continue to wear them, continue to plan outfits around them and continue to regret my outfit decision by midday.

Photos by Kellie Scott

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