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I bought these trainers this time last year and was so excited about them. Due to the usual struggle of my size never being in stock I had to order them to be collected in store 2 weeks later. Patience isn’t my strong point on a good day so when I’m excited about something, especially new clothes, it’s a serious struggle to keep still.

Now, I’m well aware that these aren’t to everyone’s taste. In the run up to their arrival I was like a kid at Christmas, showing off my new toy even though it hadn’t arrived yet. I showed a few people in my excitement and most people I showed really weren’t fussed on them. Most really struggled to understand how I could justify paying the price I did for them so I really won’t take offence if you’re reading this and thinking “What on earth was she thinking? And what the flip are those on her feet?!”. I think it’s fun to add something a little different to your wardrobe every so often and with so many trainers on the market now, I wanted to mix it up.

The purchase of my beloved embellished trainers was also during my Kurt Geiger phase last year where I managed to get stuck in the vicious cycle of having to order shoes into the store in the right size. Then when I went to pick the shoes up I would spot another pair of shoes that I just had to have. And so it went on and on and on. Don’t get me wrong I love shoes and will always love Kurt Geiger but boy am I glad that I managed to break that cycle (as is my bank account).

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – I absolutely love that trainers have become a thing in the fashion industry. I mentioned in my style rules post last week that comfort is key these days, especially when I open my wardrobe first thing on a wintery morning. In my quest to try and find away to match trainers to every outfit, these trainers are great for making me feel less like a slob. The detailing makes them a smarter option and my favourite feature is their ability easily dress up and accessorise an outfit. While they speak for themselves and tend to catch the attention of passers by they’re also subtle in their detailing, keeping the look chic rather than garish and in your face.

Since buying these trainers my love for trainers has only grown stronger and stronger while my footwear wish list has only grown longer. In an attempt to curb my shopping addiction and resist temptation to go on a shoe shopping spree I’ve included my current footwear wishlist below, using the excuse that I’m helping you guys out with outfit inspiration…


These Salmon NMD adidas Originals are the things my dreams are made of currently but they’re so hard to find without paying an arm and a leg for. If anyone comes across a pair please let me know, I promise they would be going to a very very good home where they would be treasured. In the mean time I’ll keep dreaming…

adidas Stan Smith Cf White Green

adidas Originals Gazelles, Black, £74.95

adidas Originals Gazelles, Red, £74.95

adidas Originals Gazelles, Grey, £74.95

Vans Old Skool Shoes, £52

Nike Classic Cortez Leather, £65

Nike Classic Cortez Leather Lux Women’s Shoe, £70

Photos by Kellie Scott

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