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Given that this week was Christmas week, there’s very little not to be happy about. With the run up to Christmas it’s been all go, catching up with friends, last minute shopping and getting started on the Christmas prep.

With all of the busy-ness that goes on around the festive period it feels a bit like all of the days just blur into one and this week has flown by so quickly that I’m actually struggling to remember what I got up to. It’s genuinely crazy that tomorrow is Christmas eve – where has the year gone?


Is it wrong that a slice of pizza from Little Wing was one of my highlights of this entire week? Is that something that I should be ashamed about? Because I’m not. After a day of racing around town doing a few last minute jobs before moving to Dublin in the New Year and grabbing last minute presents and cards, I’d done the usual forgetting to eat a proper meal at a proper meal time so was absolutely starving. I’m not supposed to eat gluten or dairy because of stomach problems but as I was walking down the street past Little Wing, the smell of pizza came wafting out and was calling my name. I genuinely couldn’t resist.

Sometimes I’m so disciplined and good about avoiding dairy and gluten but other times it’s just too hard and it’s worth the pain. When pizza is involved this is always one of those times where temptation gets the better of me. So whether it’s sad or not I’m including pizza as one of my favourite things to happen this week.

2. Shiny Shoes

I’m a serious sucker for shiny shoes which I think I mentioned before in my metallic shoe edit that I posted a few weeks ago and if I hadn’t already mentioned, you probably guessed from that post.

I had my eyes on these silver boots from Topshop for a while but being on a shopping ban for the last month (other than for presents and so that I could afford presents), I tried very hard to put them to the back of my mind. Much to my delight my mum spotted them while looking for some Christmas presents to buy for my sister (spoiler if you’re reading this Fifi) and drew my attention to the fact that they were on sale. Just as I rushed to my laptop and added them to my Topshop basket mum announced she had already added them to hers and would buy them as a Christmas present for me. Even better, when they arrived last week she decided to just give them to me early. It worked out to be perfect timing because it meant I could shoot them for the blog. There’s nothing like a new pair of shoes to make a girl’s week.

3. Catching up with friends

The best thing about Christmas is all of the reunions that take place with friends and family. There are some family friends who I very rarely see throughout the year and never expect to see but I know that no matter what, I’ll have the chance to catch up with them at Christmas time. When we were younger, my siblings and I were the youngest of the bunch within one of our family friends circles so it’s been nice every year seeming a little more grown up to them all and hopefully they see me less as the 10 year old they used to babysit. Something tells me that might be more wishful thinking than anything else though sadly…

The other catch ups I can depend on and always look forward to at Christmas is friends returning from university. With friends based all over the place at the moment, ranging from Liverpool, Manchester, Galway and Milan, it’s always nice when at the Christmas holidays everyone gets the chance to come back together again and enjoy catching up over a few Christmas drinks.

4. Christmas treats

I know I’ve already mentioned food in this post and maybe it says a lot about me that this post is starting to become more of a food focused post but how could I not mention all of the Chritmassy goods and sweet treats going around right now?

I love the whole “Calories don’t count at Christmas” and maybe get into it a little too much, adapting the phrase to mean “Food intolerances don’t count at Christmas”. With constant supplies of chocolate, baked goods, cocktail sausages and all the other amazing festive treats, it’s a serious struggle to turn down the offer of any food at this time of the year.

Then there’s the constant flow of alcohol. I’m not a big drinker and really don’t drink very often but at Christmas that seems to just go completely out the window. Not in an alcoholic way just in a “It’s Christmas, why not?” kind of way. Nothing to be alarmed about, I swear I’m responsible about it. There are so many Christmas nights out and everyone is in such good form that it’s hard to live my usual little sober granny life at this time of year. All it will take is one bad hangover and I’ll be straight back to living the life of a hermit. Watch this space.

5. Regular blogging

I’ve mentioned before within a previous Friday Favourites post about my editorial calendar and the satisfaction I get when I’ve successfully followed my editorial plan for this blog. This week was another one of those weeks and I managed to blog every day bar one day which, given how busy this week has been and the general run up to Christmas is, this is an achievement that I’m pretty proud of.

Over the last few weeks of trying to commit to blogging everyday I’ve got to know my writing/blogging/productivity habits quite well so even though there may have been days when I’ve been disappointed in myself for not publishing a blog post, I’ve learned from that. I’ve figured out which days work best for me in terms of when I’m most productive. I’ve been able to work out which days I’m least productive on and need to have blog posts scheduled and written for in advance. I’ve also learned that hard work pays off, even if it’s just in the form of making myself feel a little bit better.

So this week all modesty goes out the window and I’m going to sit here and feel pretty smug about the fact that I blogged 4 days out of 5 during one of the busiest weeks of the year.

Happy Christmas to you all (lol all 5 of you that actually read this) and I hope you all have also had a pretty fab week.

Photos by Kellie Scott

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