3 Ways to Incorporate Red Lipstick into your Everyday Style

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As I was sorting through my collection of red lipsticks to shoot for this post it was only then that I realised the true extent of my red lipstick obsession. I counted about 13 different red lipsticks, all different shades, textures and brands and because of that it was a real struggle to pick out my favourite shade to feature in this post. In the end I went for good ol’ Ruby Woo with a Topshop red linerTo really showcase the red lipstick I kept my outfit simple with my favourite white t-shirt and jeans, both Topshop, Missguided Camel Duster Coat and simple silver hoop earrings.

If I could wear red lipstick every day, I honestly would and one of my favourite things about red lipstick is that there are so many different shades out there that you probably could wear a different one every day. There’s nothing like a slick of lipstick to make you feel one hundred times better and on your worst days, the brighter the better is my rule of thumb.

At this time of year it’s hard to avoid wearing a red lip because of the festive associations with the colour red. People feel braver with reds during the festive period because it’s the norm but red lipstick deserves to be flaunted all year round, no matter the occasion.

Red lipstick is one way to make a serious statement with your look for the day (or night). Included below are a few of my favourite ways to style a red lip. Give them a go and make switching to red lipstick your power move for the New Year.

1. Keep it casual

Wearing a red lip with a casual outfit is one of my favourite ways to incorporate red lipstick into my everyday life. It’s an easy way to make what otherwise might be a very simple outfit really stand out and make a subtle statement. A lot of people assume that red lipstick should be reserved for glamorous nights out but with so many gorgeous shades out there why would you want to keep them hidden away only to brought out in the dark of night?! 

If you’re already comfortable with wearing a red lip go for brighter shades like I have and keep the outfit simple with jeans, trainers, a slick black blazer and a mini cross body bag. If you’re new to the red lipstick game burgundy shades are a safe bet to keep your daytime look cosy and looks amazing with camel tones.

2. Dress it up

As I mentioned above, we traditionally associate red lipstick with a night on the town so paint the town (and your lips) red with a red gloss, that killer LBD you keep hidden in the back of your wardrobe and sky high stilettos. I’m not much of a dress kind of girl but I love pairing my black leather trousers with a red lip. I always think the secret with red lipstick is to leave your lips to do all of the talking and keep the rest of your outfit simple but chic. The same goes for the rest of your make up. One of my favourite make up looks to pair with a red lip is a simple winged liner and bold brows.

3. To the Office

Red lipstick is a game changer, particularly in the office. In this kind of atmosphere I would stick to more muted red shades which seems an ironic statement to make but it is possible. You might think wearing red lipstick to the office is a bit of a risky move and to be honest it may not be entirely appropriate depending on your work place but in most cases you’ll be amazed at the effects that it will have on your confidence in the work place. While Ruby Woo and other blue based reds might be a bit too bold, brick reds are much more office appropriate. Forget the power suit, it’s all about the statement lip.

Topshop, Lips in Don’t Cry For Me, £8

Topshop, Lips in Temptation, £8

Mac, Ruby Woo, £15.50

Mac, Lady Danger, £15.50

Mac, Viva Glam I, £15.50

Photos by Kellie Scott


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