Step Hem Jeans: It’s a no from me…


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Denim seems determined to make it into our wardrobes this season, emerging in all sorts of different shapes and styles – step hem jeans being only one of these. I’m not going to lie, I really don’t know how I feel about this trend and so I don’t think I can sit here and sell these jeans to you as being the best jeans on the high street right now. Don’t get me wrong, they’re pretty cool and maybe I’m just a little bitter because they don’t really suit me but truthfully, I feel let down by this trend.


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I first saw these jeans in a Topshop email (surprise, surprise) as part of their Reclaim campaign. Initially, I fell head over heels in love with them so naturally, added the jeans along with 95% of the rest of the Reclaim items of clothing and left them there until Topshop announced their next sale.

It seems my instincts were right to keep them in my basket for a little while longer instead of buying them there and then. A few weeks later, while I was still in Dubai, Topshop announced a massive sale so I decided to treat myself (something I do far too regularly) and bought the jeans. Because I was still in Dubai for another few weeks I had to patiently wait until I got home a few weeks later to physically get my hands on the jeans (along with 2 pairs of shoes that I also managed to bag in the sale – both of which I love).

Now, I don’t know whether I had just really hyped them up in my head or if they just really don’t suit me but as I excitedly opened up the package I had so very impatiently been waiting for, I was met with a wave of disappointment. They just didn’t look as ‘cool’ as I had imagined them to. Since purchasing the jeans I had also seen the ever chic Symphony of Silk wearing the jeans with a classic white shirt, Gucci belt and pretty suede sling backs and they definitely didn’t make her look like a dumpy little child drowned in denim as they did on me.

When this reconstructed style of jeans was made famous by Vetements, the world of fashion bloggers went crazy for them (me included) so you can understand why, when I first saw the Topshop version, I had to have them. Everyone else that I’ve seen wearing these jeans manages to look so cool and stylish and then there’s me. I’ve even had the jeans taken up to try and improve the fit. Even when I got them back from being altered I was picking more faults in them and considered getting more adjustments made but I think it might be time to admit defeat one this one. There are just some styles that won’t work for you when you’re as short as I am.

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This year there have been so many statements and proclamations that it’s time to wave goodbye to the skinny jean. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for trying new styles and I’m in agreement that the days of skinny jeans are well and truly numbered. I’m just not sure if these reclaimed jeans are the way forward for me in the denim world. Maybe if I was a supermodel with super long legs I would feel differently about this but these jeans don’t agree with me and my 5ft, stumpy legged build. On to the next one…

Are there any really cool trends that you’ve found yourself disappointed with in reality this year?

Photos by Kellie Scott

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