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So my weekly gift guide series hasn’t been going very well so far in terms of sticking to schedule. I had posted about doing this gift guide this time last week but life got in the way and I didn’t manage to get it done in time. This post definitely would have been more relevant last week with Small Business Saturday taking place, however, I feel strongly about supporting local businesses whenever you can so didn’t want to ditch the gift guide entirely and was determined to get it published. So one week later than originally planned, here it is – The Best Gift Ideas available from Northern Irish/Irish Businesses.

I believe it’s really important to support your local community and small businesses in general so in this gift guide I have taken gifts from local Northern Irish and Irish businesses. There are so many benefits to supporting small businesses that you’ll soon wonder why you didn’t try them before or if you have tried them, why you haven’t supported them more.

More often than not your customer service experience with a small business is much more personalised and hands on in comparison to the experience that you might have with a bigger, better known company. There’s also the perk of a more diverse inventory. I love shops that have a little bit of everything and a lot of the small businesses featured here tend to have a good variety of books, fashion, accessories etc. When you walk into a smaller shop you’re often surprised by the wide range of products that they have to offer and more often than not you come out having found amazing little gems that you would have never found had you chosen to go to a bigger chain store.

Once you’ve made your purchase, be sure to pick up or keep their business card so you can look them up again next time you’re shopping for gifts.

St. Georges Market

Belfast Times

Mai Bendy Art

Lines and Current




Purcell and Woodcock


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