SOSU By SJ Top Picks & The Evolution of Blogging

Earlier today Suzanne Jackson ( launched her new clothing line. For the last 2 weeks she’s been teasing out the line, revealing a few different items of the range throughout the week. When she initially started teasing out her new announcement 2 weeks ago and at the DV8 event I attended where she was the guest speaker, I never would have guessed that she had decided to take the plunge and delve into the fashion world. I think like many others, I always associate Suzanne with beauty more than fashion, even before she launched her two different palettes this year along with her lash line. If anything when she mentioned she had a new product announcement my guesses were that she was going down the brows route since she always seems to have some serious killer brows going on. There’s no doubt that Suzanne is a hard worker and full of ambition.What was clear after hearing her speak a few weeks ago was that she was full of drive and determination to go after what she wants in life. And looking at her long list of achievements over the last year, has she had a minute to herself at all?!

She’s not the first blogger to have been able to turn their blog into a business or whose blog has led to fashion collaborations. There’s Jacey Duprie of Damsel in Dior who has designed jewellery and clothing collaborations. There’s also Sarah Ashcroft of That Pommie Girl who has released not one but 2 collaboration clothing lines with Missguided and with Off Dutee. Not forgetting our own Pippa O’Connor who launched her Poco by Pippa denim line last month.

As a blogger it’s really exciting to see that this is how the blogging world is evolving. There’s no doubt that the blogosphere and power of influencers has really grown significantly in recent years but it has become such an intriguing world, creating endless opportunities for people and I’m sure for some, opportunities that they could never have dreamed of happening when they started their blog from their bedroom a few years ago.

I know that personally, I have no idea of what the future holds for my own little corner of the Internet and I didn’t start my blog for anything other than out of a love for writing and creating content but even in a short year it has led to several opportunities because of the interest that it sparks from potential employers and that’s not something that I had fully apprehended when I first started my blog.

In a way it’s really empowering and encouraging to see these bloggers exploring their options, creating their own businesses and leading the way as entrepreneurs. As previously mentioned, I have no idea what the future holds for my blog, I would like to think that I will always continuing blogging to some extent. The success that women like Pippa or Suzanne have experienced with their blogs through some serious hard work and determination, at this point makes it feel as though anything is possible within the blogosphere and the future looks pretty promising.

On a more fashion related note, here are my top picks from Suzanne’s SOSU by SJ clothing line.

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