Victoria Square £100 Festive Outfit Challenge

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I almost couldn’t believe it when Gemma-Louise at Victoria Square and of the famous That Belfast Girl, asked me to take part in the Victoria Square £100 Festive Outfit Challenge this week.

£100 of Victoria Square vouchers to put together an outfit of my choice, from Victoria square shops of my choice, suitable for festive celebrations of my choice.

When I opened the email, my little fashion brain instantly went into a spin as I began thinking of the different styling routes that I could go down for the challenge. Initially, my head was swirling with thoughts of festive metallics, sparkle and all of the glitz and glam that an occasion like a Christmas night out calls for. As much as that appealed to me, in recent months I really haven’t been much of a party girl and I don’t see that changing anytime soon so an outfit designed for a Christmas night on the town just didn’t seem me. Instead I opted for the “Christmas Day” look, something to wear with the family on the big day or on one of the numerous family-friend reunions that take place in the run up to Christmas, all while trying to stay true to this season’s trends.

By the time Wednesday came around, I was practically jittery with excitement and couldn’t wait to get my hands on that voucher.

I met up with fellow blogger babe, Ashlee of Oh So Femme, who, if you’re not following already you need to start following ASAP – think beauty tips, make up, fashion hauls and all of the outfit inspiration from her killer sense of style – and we headed up to meet Gemma-Louise to get stuck into the challenge.

A coffee date complete with macaroons at the Ivory Champagne Cafe Bar and lots of girly blogging chat as well as a lot of interesting photography insight from the very talented photographer Brendan Gallagher kicked the day off in the best way possible. Gemma then went over the rules of the challenge, reminding us that we had an hour and a strict budget of £100 to complete the challenge, started the timer and off we went with Brendan in tow to document the whole thing.

I’ve mentioned before how much of a Topshop girl I am so in a very predictable manner, that was my first port of call. I’ll admit it was a serious struggle to concentrate on the task at hand with all of the gorgeous clothes I was surrounded with but somehow I made it out of there with just one item and the first part of my outfit purchased. Despite the look of confusion and serious resting bitch face going on in the photos, I was buzzing to have found the first part of my outfit and to be able to include my favourite brand in the final outcome.


A quick strut across the bridge, spotted by sneaky little pap Brendan and I was on my way to my next stop, River Island. Here I managed to find the finishing touches to complete my festive fun outfit. One of the trickier parts of the challenge for me was the fact that I didn’t have a friend with me to ask a second opinion on my outfit choice. Considering that the clothes that I had picked were slightly different to my usual colour scheme, I was feeling a bit needy and a second opinion was necessary. So I made friends with the sales assistant in the changing rooms. A quick reassurance that the outfit looked good and I was off to make friends with another sales assistant in the shoe section where I found the final part of my outfit.

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In the end I went for a cute pink pinafore from Topshop, paired with a chic little lacy number and my new favourite shoes, grey sock boots from River Island.

50 minutes later and bang on my £100 budget, it was back to Gemma’s office for a quick change and mini photoshoot.The photography part of blogging definitely isn’t my strong point and the second I’m in front of a camera I feel so awkward and don’t know what to do with myself. Brendan made both me and Ashlee feel so comfortable and had us all giggling away so I really couldn’t have asked for a better photographer to work with on this project. Here’s hoping we get to work together again soon. If you’re in need for a photographer for weddings or portrait session, these are just a few of the areas that Brendan covers so check out his website and social media channels to see more of his work and be sure to book him ASAP!

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At this time of the year there are so many different occasions that we have to find a new outfit for and with so many other things going on, finding the time to buy the perfect festive outfit can prove a real challenge. The whole point of the Victoria Square £100 Festive Outfit Challenge was to show that with the wide range of brands available within Victoria Square, finding the ultimate festive outfit on a budget and tight schedule doesn’t have to be a challenge and can be done within your lunch break or when you’re really pushed for time. Your style should never have to be compromised so next time you’re in a festive fashion fluster, take a deep breath and remember the fashion heaven that is Victoria Square.

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Thank you to Gemma for organising such a great day, to Brendan for the fab photos and to the lovely Ashlee for amazing company all afternoon.

Niamh ♥


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