Friday Favourites: 5 Things That Made Me Happy This Week


Friday again and what a week it’s been. I can’t believe we started this week full of hope and anticipation at the thought of the first female President of the United States and ended it faced with the reality that the racist, fascist, misogynistic Donald Trump will now hold one of the most powerful positions in the world as President of the United States of America. Between the news of Brexit earlier in the year and now this, you can’t help but think what on earth is going on in the world? But swiftly moving on before I launch into a political rant.

On a personal (and much more selfish) note, today was another day of lacking productivity and overflowing with frustration. I’m aware that I’m really starting to sound like a broken record now but I am really trying to fight the sleepy slump that comes with not having a daily routine.

Panic started to set in this week that it’s been 2 weeks of not having a job or proper routine and as we’ve reached the end of another week and yet another Monday starts to creep up on us I came to the horrible realisation that next week is yet another week of uncertainty. I managed to get myself really worked up as I walked to the hairdressers earlier today as I realised yet another week has gone by and I’m yet to get my life together, hard as I might be trying. I guess this panic couldn’t have come at a better time as it’s time for another Friday Favourites post, reflecting on the good things that happened this week rather than dwelling on the bad.

As I sat down to write this, I quickly realised that actually, a lot of lovely things happened in my life this week so I guess my Friday Favourites post has yet again done it’s job in forcing me to be more positive and grateful.

1. Homemade Mochas

There’s no shortage of gadgets in the Crawford-Walker household, especially when it comes to cooking gadgets so it shouldn’t have come as a surprise to me that we have a little milk frother machine (excuse lack of technological term, I have no idea what it’s actually called.) This little gadget had managed to remain hidden to me until this week when my little sister revealed all and taught me how to make a homemade mocha. Let’s all bear in mind that this isn’t actually anywhere close to a mocha, made with instant coffee and some improvisation but I’m new to the coffee world so it’s good enough for me. This little magic machine doesn’t only make frothy milk but also warm milk for hot chocolate and cold milk that I haven’t quite worked out the purpose for…milkshakes maybe? Who knows! All I know is that it brought a little happiness to my life this week.

2. Lush Sea Weed Masks

Between flying, change of climate and eating poorly the last week or two, my skin really isn’t happy. In Dubai I didn’t really wear any make up so my skin got a good break and was in really good condition all of October but that quickly changed when I came home. Usually I have fairly good skin and don’t have to worry too much about break outs other than the odd one every so often so skincare isn’t really my strong point because it’s not something I have to make a mass amount of effort with. I saw Terrie McEvoy, an Irish nurse/travel blogger living in Australia, recommend the Lush Seaweed Mask on her Snapchat last week and she swears by the product for saving her skin during break outs. I’ve never been a Lush fan but after buying this face mask earlier in the week, I’m totally converted. So far I’ve used it twice (the post man arrived just as I had applied it the first time, typical) and I’ve been really impressed with the results. My skin feels so clean and soft afterwards and has noticeably cleared up since I started using it. At only £6.95 the mask is also totally affordable and I would definitely recommend it if you’re looking for something new to try on your skin.

3. Bull and Ram

We had our first family meal in what feels like forever on Sunday evening and headed out to Ballynahinch to the newly opened Bull and Ram. It’s always nice finding a new restaurant especially those that really fight their corner with their own quirky personality and Bull and Ram certainly does that. Located in what used to be a butchers, the interiors are made up of tiled walls, stunning high ceilings and big shop windows keeping the space bright with just the right amount of cosy-ness. For the first time in a while I managed to resist the temptation to look up the menu before going but I was pleasantly surprised by the amazing menu, sharing duck wings to start followed by a killer steak and sweet potato fries. This place is definitely worth a trip if you have’t already been.

4. Weekend spent with my best friend

It’s always nice to spend time with friends especially when said friend is your oldest and closest friend that in reality, may as well be your sister. We’ve actually got to the point of referring to each other as cousins at times because ‘family friends’ doesn’t really cut it anymore as an accurate portrayal of our closeness. Having my best friend home from Galway is always such a treat. Between crazy summers, her returning to uni and me being away a catch up was well overdue. Admittedly, I did fall asleep on the sofa within seconds of putting a movie on but even just the fact that I can walk into her house and settle in like part of the furniture brings me so much joy. There are few people that I’m that comfortable with but having known her since she was born, it’s safe to say we know each other pretty well and are pretty comfortable around each other. Come home again soon please, Bestie.

5. Blow-dry at Metro

With crazy, curly and incredibly frizzy hair, I’m a sucker for a good blow-dry. There’s nothing like waking up knowing that your hair is going to be entirely manageable – a serious luxury and very rare occasion for us curly-haired gals. I’m off to Dublin early tomorrow morning for the BLOGGERCONF in The Marker Hotel in Dublin so washing my hair in the morning wasn’t an option. I decided to treat myself to a blow-dry but I wasn’t willing to fork out £20 for one so I went on the hunt for student deals. I came across Metro on Stranmillis fairly quickly and even more conveniently, was able to book a last minute appointment online. At £13 for a student curly blow-dry, I couldn’t resist and they did such a good job. I can’t tell whether it’s a blessing or a curse that I’ve discovered Metro, I reckon I’ll be a regular in no time which in the long run my bank balance may not thank me for…

Niamh ♥


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