5 Girl Bosses You Need To Follow on Snapchat


The social media world went wild earlier this week as Instagram revealed it’s newest update to include an “Instagram Stories” feature. The new feature is basically a copy cat of Snapchat’s main stories feature minus the filters (so far). Suddenly the line between Instagram content and Snapchat content has become very blurred, with influencers and everyday users alike unsure of how to differentiate their content between the two. In my experience, for most people the novelty of the Instagram Stories seems to have already worn off and they’re staying loyal to their beloved Snapchat as the best way to maintain interaction with their followers.

Personally, I’m a massive fan of Snapchat and on first impressions of Instagram stories, that’s how it will stay. Over the last few months my love for Snapchat has grown rapidly and I love finding new people to follow. Most of the people I follow consist of other bloggers and influencers, celebrities and I have a particular interest in following businesses and brands and watching their social media strategy play out. So with all of the chaos of Instagram Stories vs Snapchat Stories going on around us, in an attempt to try and make life easier for you in deciding who you should and shouldn’t be following, I’ve put together a list of my 5 favouirte Girlbosses that you need to follow on Snapchat along with why you I love following them.

1. Erika Fox of Retro Flame (@retroflame1)

Sunglass Hut

If you’ve got a love for New York and fashion, New York based Irish gal and full time blogger, Erika Fox is exactly who you need to be following. Keeping things real throughout, Erika’s snapchat consists of a combination of the professional realities of being a blogger (think working from local coffee shops and regular admin days – ironically I’m currently writing this from a local coffee shop, having just dealt with email admin) as well as the glamorous side that everyone associates with blogging as she takes you through all of the different and very cool events she gets to attend, most recently Barry’s Bootcamp. Erika is someone that I follow because of her ambitious nature and her drive to work hard so anytime I don’t feel like blogging or putting in the work that I need to, Erika’s snapchats and blog posts always help me with that little bit of extra motivation I need sometimes. She shows just how much hard work goes into running a successful blog and in her case, the hard work definitely pays off.


2. Nicki Hoyne of My Shining Armour (@myshiningarmour)

“What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?”

Nicki is bursting with positivity 24/7 and for that reason she is by far one of my favourite people to follow on Snapchat. Girlboss and CEO of My Shining Armour, a fashion jewellery and accessories online store (Note: Stockist of the must have Ban.do agendas) keeps her Snapchat stories filled with lots of exciting new product announcements along with an exclusive first look at the latest products brought to you by the online store. Nicki comes across as super friendly and very down to earth as she clearly enjoys interacting with her followers and “having the chats” with everybody. She’s the Snapchat story that I really look forward to watching and because her positivity is so infectious, she always helps to brighten up your day and give you that little lift you sometimes need when you’re having a bit of an off day. From following Nicki on Snapchat, she has introduced me to what has now become one of my favourite quotes – “What would you do if you knew that you couldn’t fail?” – something I remind myself of every time I’m feeling discouraged.

3. Corinna Tolan of Monica Tolan Beauty & Skincare Specialists (@mtolanbeauty)


Corinna is senior therapist at Monica Tolan Beauty & Skincare Specialists as well as manager of the clinic alongside her sister. It’s safe to say that Corinna is Queen of the skincare here in Ireland, taking her followers through her daily skincare regime as well as educating us all on all of the industry secrets for perfect skin. Her clients include blogger Suzanne Jackson of SoSueMe and Siobhan O’Hagan of OH Fitness (snapchat: @siobhsies) who in the Irish blogging community count as celeb status really. Follow Corinna and you’re sure to be kept well  up to date about the best skincare options in the game. I only wish that she was in the North of Ireland so that I could pay a visit!


4. Sophia Webster (@sophiawebster)

Sophia Webster

Sophia Webster is one of the few brands that I follow on Snapchat. Given her amazing shoe and handbag designs I feel like that’s reason enough in itself to want to follow this brand along in more depth. The Snapchat account for Sophia Webster during office hours is mostly run by the Digital Communications team with the man behind the camera usually being the fabulous Lyndon Blue. There’s never a dull moment in SWHQ if their snapchat account is anything to go by! The Sophia Webster snapchats are are one stop shop for outfit inspo as they run regular features such as their “SWHQ Bootiful girls” feature where they show the outfits of the day of the team members. Then there’s the ongoing Luxury Liz vs Luxury Lesley battler (Luxury Lesley all the way for me). This is a brand that clearly has their social media and digital communications strategy down to a tee as you’re given an opportunity as a customer to see what goes on behind the scenes and get to know the team and therefore the brand much better.



5. Lorna of LC’s Closet (@lcscloset)

irish fashion and style blog: about lc's closetLorna is another Irish gal who is absolutely killing it in NYC and like with Erika, if you’re a fan of New York you definitely need to get following Lorna. Her love of New York really shines through on her Snapchat account as she takes you through her daily commute to work, showing us all of New York’s best buildings and letting us in on a few secrets about each one. Similar to Retro Flame, Lorna really motivates me to work hard on my blog as she works full time and also blogs regularly and successfully during her down time from work, not to mention the fact that she has a PhD. She puts in the effort and goes the extra mile and seeing her work so hard on something she loves always gives me that little extra push. Following Lorna’s Snapchat makes you appreciate how much of a positive effect social media can have on a brand or an individual’s brands. It allows you to really get to know people and to an extent, interacting with them on platforms like Snapchat helps you to build a relationship with the person (even if only virtually) and building that relationship can be so important for the likes of bloggers. Being able to get to know people on that level makes you want to support them and read their blog posts or offer them support on social media.
You can also follow me on Snapchat (@niamhcw) to follow me along on my latest internship adventures (currently London, next stop Dubai).


Who are your favourite people to follow on snapchat?
Let me know.


Niamh ♥

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