#OOTD: The Thigh is the Limit


So the time has come to brave my first outfit post, ineveitably one of my blog posts that I’m more likely to look back on and cringe but I guess we all have to start somewhere.

Realistically it would be easier for me to write a quick note about what I’m wearing and where I got it from but more outfit reviewing later. Now that I’ve been blogging for a few months and this is the first time I’ve really included photos of myself in a post, I thought I would make this more of an introduction to both myself and the blog for the few of you that take the time to visit my little blog.

Although I’ve been blogging for a few months now I’ve kept it relatively quiet and private. I wanted to be a little selfish with it and keep my blog as my own little corner of the internet where I was free to write about whatever I wanted, however I wanted and whenever I wanted, trying my best to keep myself free from the judgement of the big bad world. Little did I know it would not only become my favourite hobby but also open up job opportunities for me.

Initially my blog stemmed from my love of fashion and admittedly, my slight obsessions with instagram stalking (in the least creepiest way possible) other fashion bloggers and the never ending outfit posts all over social media. As a gap year student with suddenly a lot more free time, an obsession with clothes and more magazines than I care to admit to, I decided it was time to stop caring about what other people thought and so bit the bullet and with the help of a family friend Niamh Serena was soon set up and all mine to play around with.

Initially, I had planned to just focus on the fashion aspect and create my own feed of outfit posts but for one reason or another it took me until now to actually post an outfit related blog entry. Posting on Niamh Serena allowed me to rediscover my love for writing which, truth be told, I had long forgotten about. Because I have the freedom of creating my own content on here, I’ve found myself writing about things that I didn’t even realise I cared about until I put pen to paper and a couple of hundred words later I had managed to put together an entire post.

Before now, my number one excuse for not committing to outfit posts was that I didn’t have anyone to take the photos for me and that’s where Ryan came in. In reality, between friends and family and my own camera there were plenty of people that I could have asked to help me out but truth be told I was too embarrassed and at least with Ryan if I really embarrassed myself in front of him I didn’t have to see him again if I didn’t want to.

We met up St. Anne’s Square and wandered around for a while looking for the right location to start taking the photos while I, slightly awkwardly, rambled at poor Ryan the entire way. We decided on a skate park in the end, much to the amusement of a few kids skating there. At first I was pretty nervous but Ryan was lovely and really helpful throughout and even though I felt nervous and a little embarrassed throughout the shoot, looking back on it I really enjoyed myself and I’m looking forward to creating more posts like this for the blog.

At this point the fashion lover within me is dying to talk about the clothes so finally it’s time to cover the actual outfit.

The Outfit

I’ll be the first to admit that this isn’t exactly the world’s most creative and exciting outfit but I had to start somewhere and I did my best to try and avoid the pre-leaving the house strop that consists of not being able to find an outfit and so just cancelling your plans altogether. e. We’ve all been there…

Sometimes the outfit you’ve so carefully put together in your head just doesn’t look as good in real life unfortunately.


With that being said, I am very much in love with these boots. I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect pair of over the knee boots since before Christmas and believe me when I say that, as a 5 ft nothing girl with very short legs, it was a real struggle trying to find the right pair.

After months of searching, they finally appeared to me in the shoe heaven that is Kurt Geiger. And so, I impatiently waited for pay day to come around and ordered them in. I know that Kurt Geiger’s prices aren’t the most student friendly but I always find that the quality of their shoes is definitely worth the expense, especially when I know that I’ll be wearing them for seasons to come.





What I love about over the knee boots is that they’re surprisingly versatile. I’m aware that there is a slight ‘Pretty Woman’ (pre make-over) about them but I find that when worn the right way they bring the right balance of glamour and sophistication to an outfit. I chose to go for a slightly dressier look with the shorts. I like that the length of the boots affords you the luxury of showing a little bit of leg without freezing to death in the process.


Check out some of the images that I’ve picked out for a little more over the knee boots outfit inspiration over on my Pinterest board.

Photography credit to Ryan. Check out his site if you’re a blogger and need some photos taken.





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