You’ve got to give it to her, the girl knows how to make an entrance.

“Comeback” seems like a harsh word to use in the same sentence of Beyonce. Maybe it’s just me but I associate a “comeback” with and old school boyband/girl band gone wrong who decide it would be a good idea to make a return to the scene 20 years too late after realising how irrelevant they’ve become and then try to re-enter the scene determined to overcome this irrelevance.

This definition doesn’t exactly fit Beyonce though.

We miss her the second she’s gone but somehow she knows just the right amount of time to disappear for to make her return (N.B NOT comeback) as exciting as ever. And that’s exactly what she did last weekend.

In the space of a few days she did it all.

A new single.

A new video to go with said single.

A killer Superbowl performance.

And to top it all off she sent Beyonce fans everywhere into a frenzy when she announced she was going to be doing another world tour.

What more could the world of Beyonce fans possibly ask for?

Although there’s s much to be said about Bey, as a fashion obsessed fan girl, the main thing on my mind is how she managed to nail so many different fashion forward looks all within 4 minutes and 53 seconds.

This is by no means to say that I’ve missed the point or that I’m being ignorant of Beyonce’s power message behind the video’s conceptualization between Hurricane Katrina references and recurrent Black Lives Matter references. I just think it’s important to take a minute to also appreciate the fashion magic that took place in the video.

I think it’s safe to say that Queen B is back, armed with fashion ammunition.

She kickstarts the collection of high fashion moments with a Gucci Spring/Summer ’16 shirt dress, hot off the catwalk. Although Beyonce is no stranger to designer clothes it’s rare that we see her basing her looks on items from catwalk collections as her usual styling strategy is to front custom made designer items with branding kept to a minimum. This time however, it was clear that Beyonce was paying special attention during the latest fashion week as two out of three of her Gucci looks worn in the video are looks taken directly from the Gucci new season collection, worn exactly as they were styled for the catwalk shows.

Beyonce pic 1a copy

Beyonce pic 1b copy

Next we see Beyonce sporting a much more revealing look in a Zimmerman dress taken from their Spring/Summer ’16 collection. The Victorian style dress is reminiscent of the 1800s with further references to New Orleans as Beyonce presents her own interpretation of a Southern Belle.

beyonce zimmerman copy

Beyonce Zimmerman dress model copy

Look number three and Bey treats us to some of her famously badass dance moves in a burgundy bodysuit and thigh high boots. Both bodysuits and over the knee boots are something I can’t get enough of right now, although you won’t find me dancing through hallways of Victorian style houses with nothing but a pair of boots and a bodysuit on – I’ll leave that to Beyonce.

Beyonce burgundy bodysuit copy

Only Beyonce could pull of hanging out of the window of a car as it does donuts round a car park and still look more glam than most of us every will. The Fendi coat is everything a girl could dream of and with fur (faux, of course) everywhere at the moment, Beyonce once again proves to us all that she is bang on trend, not that we ever doubted her anyway.

beyonce fendi fur coat copy

In the most dramatic look, by far, Beyonce channels her southern gothic witch vibes in an olive and black gown taken from Warner Bros vintage clothing collection, completing the look with a  vintage black hat and box braids, looking very American Horror Storyesque.

Beyonce black dress copy

Gucci look number two strikes as Queen B and her dance squad redefine #squadgoals in matching custom Gucci monogrammed sets.

Beyonce custom gucci sets copy

Once again we see Beyonce chanelling her her inner southern belle in one of my favourite looks of the video, wearing an Alessandro Rich, white, ruffled dress complete with a pristine Chanel hat and Fallon earrings.

Beyonce Allesandra Rich dress copy

Finally, adding a modern twist to the video with a pop of colour, Queen B’s closing look of the video is her third and final Gucci look, second in the video to appear freshly styled from the catwalk look for Gucci’s Spring/Summer ’16 collection.

Beyonce guccie final look copy

All hail Queen B as she manages to make political, social and style statements and successfully tie them all together effortlessly. If this is anything to go by, I can’t wait to see what else she has in store for us.


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