The Corrs: Confessions of a Teenage Fan Girl

the corrs

For as long as I can remember appreciating music, The Corrs have always been the band for me. So many of my childhood memories are played out to the soundtrack of The Corrs. from my best friend and I dancing around the kitchen to “So Young” as little toddlers, while our mothers sang along at the top of their voices, to driving around France on family holidays, windows down, surrounded by sunflowers with the happy sounds of “Summer Sunshine” blaring through the car speakers, right through to the last few weeks on the train to work with the track filled with hope, “Ellis Island” playing through my earphones as I find myself forever dreaming of New York in these last few months.

Not to mention one of the most significant times that I misbehaved as a child…

When I was around 5 years old my mum had got me tickets to see The Corrs live. For any child, their first concert is a HUGE thing anyway but for the little girl who spent a lot of her early Saturday mornings tucked up on the sofa with my duvet, eagerly watching (on repeat) my video of The Corrs in concert, this was one of the most exciting things that could have possibly happened to me. That was until Andrea Corr got sick and they had to cancel the concert…

In my childish anger and disappointment, I reacted by scribbling over my parents’ good coffee table in bright green, felt tip pen. It’s safe to say this didn’t go down too well with them and I’ll be the first to admit that it wasn’t one of my finer moments…

All was right in the world again however, when I attended my first concert later in 2001 as The Corrs performed to a sold out Manchester Evening News (MEN) Arena.

Fifteen years later, just a few days ago, I was luck enough to see them for a second time on the last leg of their White Light Tour in the SSE Arena, Belfast, just in time for my birthday. The excitement had been building since around October time when we got the tickets and I’d been like an excited little kid about it all week so by the time the day of the concert came about, I was beside myself with excitement.

One thing I’ve always loved about The Corrs is that they never sold their sound or caved to pop culture. Realistically, a fiddle-playing family band with an Irish, folksy sound doesn’t exactly scream “global stardom” but somehow they made it work and although they may not have reached a level of global stardom, they still managed to sell out several Arenas in their time, all while staying true to their roots and maintaining their beautifully, Irish sound.

It’s safe to say that The Corrs didn’t disappoint, receiving several standing ovations throughout the concert as the whole of the SSE Arena sang their songs back to them.

I’m well aware that my love for The Corrs isn’t exactly that of a “cool kid” but The Corrs were never about being cool, another reason why they are so well loved in my books (probably a lot to do with not being a “cool kid” myself).

The Corrs fan girl, forever and always.


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