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I’m sure I’m not the only one who started 2016 still deep in the food coma brought about by the inevitable over-eating that accompanies the Christmas holidays. With family and friend reunions taking place left, right and centre for those few weeks, it is a rare moment to be found without food in our hands so it really should come as no surprise when we find ourselves feeling sluggish and suddenly staring into a wardrobe with nothing to wear because everything has mysteriously “shrunk in the wash”.

Then come the New Year’s resolutions. “New Year, New Me” we tell ourselves, with a return to the gym as the first thing on the list that needs to be done in order to achieve this new resolution we’ve treated ourselves to as we face the reality that something will need to be done in order to shift this slightly more rounded figure we’ve found ourselves sporting lately.

The time for me to face the gym again came last Tuesday and I decided there was no better way to do it than to throw myself into the deep end with a HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) class at Paul Cooney Fitness.

The class was 30 minutes long – the perfect length for those of us who may be a little shorter on time/don’t have the most loving relationship with exercise. It consisted of 5 different exercises (squats, lunges, kettle bell swings, push ups and the rowing machine) with each person in the class starting at a different station and blasting each exercise for 30 seconds. Once we had all completed a circuit of all of the stations, we were given a precious 60 second break to catch our breath before repeating the circuit another 2 or 3 times.

What I loved about the class was that because at Paul Cooney Fitness classes are kept at a manageable size, no one gets over looked and if, like myself, you’re a bit of newbie when it comes to the gym and find yourself struggling a little, it’s easy to ask for help. There was a real sense of teamwork among those of us in the class so you’re made to feel really welcome and at ease throughout. By the time the class had ended I definitely felt like I had had more fun than had just carried out another chore on my to do list (as I tend to find myself feeling after most workouts).

At Paul Cooney Fitness, one of the major attractions for me is that the main focus is on personal training sessions and gym classes meaning that from the outset it’s clear that the client is their number one priority, with strong commitment to helping their clients obtain their desired results.

After the class I left feeling pretty good, a little sore in the days that followed, but I really enjoyed myself and actually found myself looking forward to another workout which, believe me, isn’t a feeling that I’m familiar with.

You can find this great little spot at 83 Saintfield Road, Newtownbreda or check out their website here for more information. Give it a try, I promise you won’t be disappointed!


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