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Every once in a while the fashion industry is graced with a fresh faced beauty to inevitably obsess over. Over the course of the last year we were introduced to fashion’s newest #Girlsquad that included the likes of Cara Delevingne, Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid. This time around, the new girl is Dominican Republic beauty, Lineisy Montero and she means business.



19 year old Lineisy grew up in the Dominican Republic capital of Santo Domingo as part of a very tightly knit family. She was first spotted at the age of 14 in an amusement park by a scout from her now mother agency, Ossygeno. However, her mother made her wait until she was 18 before she could sign with an agency. The agencies were all ready to pounce on this new talent but it was top modelling agency Next (known for having names such as Alexa Chung and Arizona Muse on their books) that managed to snap her up.

During SS16 shows Lineisy walked a total of 68 shows, 5 of which (including Jason Wu) she opened. With stats like these it came as no surprise when she secured her place as top walker of the season, a first for a model of colour.

LM Jason Wu

What makes Montero stand out is the diversity that she has brought with her to the fashion industry, opening new discussions and drawing attention to the need for an increased level of diversity within the industry. During her debut for Prada in Milan, Montero found herself to be the only model in a show consisting of 41 looks not to have her hair slicked back into a top knot ponytail but instead was left to flaunt her short afro in all of its natural beauty.


For the most part, the thought process behind the creation of catwalk beauty looks is to ensure that the models all fit into the look of the season. This often leads to all of the models being subjected to the same look in order to avoid any distraction from the collection being shown. Lineisy Montero represented a shift in this line of thought as designers were seen to be championing individuality much more.

Thankfully, we are gradually becoming more responsible as an industry towards the inclusion of all of the world’s races and cultures. Lineisy is a product of this slow but sure progress.” – Casting Director Angus Munro

To top it all off, Lineisy was also revealed as the industry’s vote for Breakout Star in the women’s category of the Model of the Year awards 2015. It’s hard to believe that before this year, this up and coming star had never been on a plane and now she finds herself based full time in Paris and well on her way to global stardom.

This girl is definitely one to watch.

Watch this face guys.


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