I’d heard a lot about this book since it was first published in 2014 and decided that it was about time that I jumped on the bandwagon and read it for myself. Once I started, I really struggled to put it down again. It was everything I needed, exactly when I needed it.

Sophia Amoruso takes us through her story, from working in the lobby of an art school, checking IDs, sustaining a job wherever she could in order to obtain some health insurance so that she could receive treatment for a hernia, to climbing her way up the career ladder, right from the bottom in her own special way and creating her own fashion empire. However, through all of this you feel nothing but respect and admiration for her rebellious attitude. There’s no sob story and there’s no sugar coating done by Amoruso . She’s straight to the point and isn’t afraid to say it as it is, something that I absolutely love about this book.

Speaking about her brand, Nasty Gal, Sophia writes, “Nasty Gal is antifashion in that we encourage girls to choose what fashion means to them”. This concept really appeals to me because it’s such a huge part of why I love fashion. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, to me, fashion offers an escape, it allows you to be whoever you want to be.

Her sassy attitude throughout keeps the book very entertaining and very real, making Sophia all the more relatable, particularly to younger women. There is huge emphasis throughout on the importance of being yourself and the importance of self-acceptance as a means of being able to be the best version of yourself.

While making my way through #GIRLBOSS, it really made me think about how important it is to maintain a positive outlook and really motivated me have a little more faith in myself and go after what I want in life, whatever that may be, all while reminding me of the importance of staying humble, as Sophia states, “Remember #GIRLBOSS: It’s not cool to get drunk on your success.”

I really cannot recommend this book enough and I’m sure this is a book that I’ll be reading and re-reading cover to cover until the pages start falling out.


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